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Newcastle University Students' Union (NUSU) aligns with the University in our commitment to providing a positive experience for students, and in supporting students who have experienced any form of sexual violence, hate incident or hate crime, discrimination, harassment, spiking, or misconduct.

Our Report and Support tool (offered as an alternative to the University's reporting tool) enables anyone who has experienced or witnessed an incident to submit information to us. This can be done either (1) anonymously or (2) with the intention to seek support (and/or to explore options) from an Adviser right here at the Students’ Union.

To find out more about all the reporting options you have available to you, click here

Report Anonymously Seek Support with an Adviser


Need Support?

If you would like support following an incident, or want to have a look at what support is out there, you can find out more information in the links below.

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Your Options Explained


What are my options?

There are many reporting routes we would like to highlight. You are able to report via the Students' Union (both anonymously, and to speak to an adviser), the University (similarly, anonymously, or to speak to an adviser), as well as options such as Northumbria Police (or Crimestoppers, if you wish to remain anonymous). Find out more about the different options in the following questions. 


Reporting anonymously via the Students' Union - what does this mean?

If you decide to disclose using the anonymous reporting route, we will not ask you for any personally identifiable details but will ask for some demographic questions that will help us build a picture of what is happening in our community. This data will be used to map trends that will help us to identify where we should focus in prevention work and in promoting cultural change. It should be noted that if we receive a large number of complaints about a student group, NUSU may look into the culture within that group and take steps to tackle it. We also report this data anonymously to the Universities Changing the Culture Working Group and Race Equality Self-Assessment Team.

Even though we will be unable to take any action on anonymous submissions, it will help build a better picture of incidents happening around Newcastle.  If you wish an investigation or complaint to occur, you can discuss this with the Student Advice Centre via the Seek Support option or pursue these options independently. 


Seeking support from an Adviser from the Students' Union

This is the option where you can indicate to us you would like to speak to one of the NUSU Student Advisers or the NUSU Activities Manager to discuss support routes and reporting options. You will be asked to provide details including your name and contact details. An adviser will then contact you to arrange a suitable time to talk.


What other options are there to report?

You may want to report via the Newcastle University Report & Support tool.

  • This enables anyone to report concerns anonymously, receive support, and/or explore options for formal reporting directly through the University. You are able to report anonymously or request to speak to an advisor. For more information on this Service, click here

You may want to report via the Police or Crimestoppers.

  • Tou can report to the Police alongside (or instead of) reporting the incident to us. If you choose to report to the Police, please note the Police are duty-bound to record & investigate complaints of criminal activity and it will greatly assist the Police if you could provide as much detail as possible. Find out more about how to report via Northumbria Police by clicking here
  • If you would wish to stay anonymous, you can do so via Crimestoppers


Other Support Available

Online Support is available if you choose to submit anonymously, officially or not at all.You can look through the ways to report officially using the links below or alternatively choose the Support from NUSU option if you would like to speak to a NUSU staff member for more information and guidance.