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The rooms and properties displayed on this page are posted by students within 2 forums. The 'I have a room available' forum is for students looking for someone to take over a room they no longer need or for students looking for a room to let. The ‘I’m looking for flatmates’ forum is for students who want to find other students to live with. Remember, that when you find yourself in these situations, to please ensure that you manage this correctly, to prevent being in breach of contract, being vulnerable because of sub-letting arrangements, or falling foul of the law - find out how here.

"I Have a Room Available"
Do you have a room in your tenancy to fill? But please be careful as this can have legal implications for you (seek advice from the Student Advice Centre if you need it). Feel free to post in the forum now and connect with others.
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"I'm Looking for Flatmates"
Needing to join an existing tenancy? Maybe you're just looking for housemates? Feel free to upload an advert in the forum, or connect with people with similar interests. You can also check out the "I have a room available" forum for existing adverts.
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Do it by the book!

NUSU does not inspect, verify or endorse any of the rooms or properties or check to see they are of decent condition or are compliant with local regulations and national legislation. NUSU does not accept any responsibility for decisions students make about ending or entering into civil tenancy agreements.

When you surrender and/or assign a tenancy (re-let) you are advised to ensure this is done correctly. Equally, if you are taking over someone’s room you need to ensure that the tenancy is transferred to you correctly to protect your rights. These processes can have legal implications so it is best to seek advice BEFORE you agree to anything. Our Student Advice Centre is here to help you with this.

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