Opening Times

The Advice Centre is open each week at the time below. During our opening hours a member of staff will be available in the service to help you with any queries about the centre and how you go about booking in an appointmen. If we are not open, and you need immediate assistance, please use our urgent contacts list below.

Term Time

Monday -Thursday

9am - 5pm


10am - 4.30pm



Vacation Times

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

10am - 5pm





Out of Hours contacts Book Appointment

Finding Us

You can find the entrance to the Student Advice Centre to opposite the Co-op inside level 0 of the Students' Union (to the left of the main entrance of the front doors). There is currently building work happening to renovate the new Support & Advice Hub, but if you follow the corridor down, you will see the entrance to the Advice Centre is still open to students throughout weekdays.

About Us

The Student Advice Centre is your go-to advice service in the Students Union. Our advisers are well-versed on a range of subjects, so if you need support on Housing, Finance, Academic Issues or anything in-between, you can turn to us for advice. Check out our FAQ’s and if you still need to speak with us, please contact us through our online booking form. Please let us know of any accessibility requirements when booking in and we can organise something in time for your appointment (for example a sign language interpreter or Zoom if you don’t have access to Teams).

The Student Advice Centre is independent from the University; so we can offer fully impartial, professional advice. We aim to support you in finding the best steps you need to take in order to tackle the issue at hand. We follow a strict confidentiality policy, so you can be open and honest about any problems.