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The Student Advice Centre offers support in all areas of academia & studying that can affect you in your life as a University student. You can book an appointment to talk to one of our advisers, or just browse our resources.

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University processes can sometimes be difficult to navigate and you may feel unsure where to go and who to speak to, but a SAC adviser can explain how things work and point you in the right direction.

Personal circumstances getting in the way of your studies? We can advise you on what support is available and help you choose the best route for you going forward. We also provide guidance on a range of issues including how to change your course, leaving the University, and problems with your course, University services or the conduct of another student or member of staff.

We can support you with other University procedures such as submitting an Academic Appeal, responding to an Assessment Irregularity report such as plagiarism, as well as guiding you through a Disciplinary, Fitness to Practise or Fitness to Study investigation. An adviser can also represent you or act as your supporter during formal proceedings, where appropriate.

The COVID 19 outbreak is generating lots of concerns, questions and issues for many people. We're receiving a lot of queries related to the virus outbreak and we hope to be able to help you navigate these as best we can. We have created a list of FAQ’s

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We have listed some of the key academic issues you may be experiencing & how we advise you seek support for each. Can't find what you're looking for? Chat to an advisor.

The appeal process is for where you’ve received a formal University decision (e.g. degree classification, unsatisfactory academic progress decision) and you feel that they’ve not taken everything into account.


Unfortunately we can't advise you on academic writing skills, such as referencing or writing a dissertation. We recommend you look at the Academic Skills Kit which has lots of useful resources and information.


We are unable to help with understanding academic feedback. If you are wanting help with this, we recommend you speak with a tutor within your department or with the Writing Development Centre.

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If the University suspects you of academic misconduct such as plagiarism or not following exam rules, they will investigate this under the Assessment Irregularities procedure.


If you don't like your course, or if you're just not sure it's for you, there are plenty of options available.


You can complain about a School, Service or member of staff within the University using the Student Complaints procedure.


Damage to University property, criminal behaviour, or behaviour that may bring the University into disrepute may lead to an investigation under the Student Disciplinary procedure.


The Fitness to Practise procedure applies to students on degree programmes leading to a professional qualification within the Faculty of Medical Sciences.


The Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA) provides a free and independent scheme to review student complaints about individual higher education providers.


Whether it's a personal problem, health issue, bereavement or other difficulty, the University can take this into account.


The University may use the Support to Study procedure if there are concerns that your physical or mental health is negatively affecting your ability to engage with your studies.

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Get advice on Noise and Community Issues this Summer

Newcastle University Students Union hope sall our students remain happy and are safe and secure during their time at University. We also hope they are good neighbours, making a positive impact whether they are in University student accommodation or living in the local community.

Student Advice Centre: Microsoft Teams appointments

The Student Advice Centre is online! Our advisers are providing Microsoft Teams: chat, video and audio call appointments.

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