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For all of your Housing questions the Student Advice Centre are online all year round to support you. Check out NUSU's Housing Advisers' hints and tips, and make sure you know fact from fiction before you start looking for next year's housing.

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Housing Advice

Regardless of whether you’re staying in University residences, private accommodation or seeking advice before you sign a contract can help highlight some things you might need to consider. We help with a whole range of housing queries or concerns and so if you would like to book an appointment with our Housing Adviser at the Student Advice Centre, use our online booking form. We are currently offering Microsoft Teams: chat, video or call appointments (with some exceptions being made for those who cannot access teams, e.g. pre-entry students)

The COVID 19 outbreak is generating lots of concerns, questions and issues for many people. We're receiving a lot of queries related to the virus outbreak and we hope to be able to help you navigate these as best we can. We have created a list of FAQ’s

Covid-19 Housing FAQs


Newcastle University can offer you accommodation in their own residences or nominated partnerships in Private Halls. Here are the details of the full provision in University offered Accommodation and how to apply.

If you would like to live in the private rented sector or are unable to secure University accommodation we can offer advice on how to look for housing. See our House Hunting section. We cannot provide lists of property or recommend housing providers or arrange viewings but hopefully we can provide you with a starting point and support you through the process.


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