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Wading through a long, often difficult to read tenancy agreement isn't very appealing - but this is really important - even more so if you are going to be sharing.

professional landlord or agency should not pressure you into signing a contract but allow you time to read it and seek advice on anything you need to clarify.

Equally don't pressure other tenants into making a decision.

Try to seek out an agent or landlord that is a member of a professional body.

If you have already paid a holding deposit you have already committed to the tenancy and the signing of the agreement is merely the detail of the terms of that agreement.  

We are often asked if a tenancy contract is 'safe to sign'.  All contracts carry obligations on both parties and if these are breached or interpreted differently this can lead to disputes.

It is advisable to check out anything in the contractual terms that you are unsure about or don’t understand. So contact us for a Tenancy Contract Review

Why have a tenancy contract review?

It helps to know what your rights are and what you are obliged to do. Advisers can help you understand the terms of the contract but also highlight to your some of your statutory rights and obligations.

If you are not familiar with renting you would not necessarily recognise something in the contract as being unfair or illegal, an adviser can point these out.

Sharing a property can also have additional implications for you and your guarantors.

By not looking at or understanding your contract you could be taken advantage of or sign something that is not appropriate for you.

Many students are asked to provide a UK based guarantor who will guarantee their obligations should they fail to do so as a tenant. It is also in the interest of the guarantor to understand the tenancy contract.

To get the most out of the contract check, make sure you read the contract carefully yourself first and note down any questions you have.

Tenancy contract reviews are available from the Student Advice Centre by appointment only.

We require copies at least 48 hours in advance of an appointment, to allow the Adviser time to read the paperwork beforehand. 

The person that makes the appointment is the only person who can receive the appointment.

Tenancy contract reviews work best as a face to face discussion.  However we are currently offering appointments through Microsoft Teams (call, video and chat) only where you will be sent an annotated version of the tenancy agreement to discuss at the appointment. 

We cannot offer contract reviews by email


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Last updated: 16 November 2020