What to look for?

Advice from our Student Advice Centre team.

Where to start?

Increasingly students are wanting to live closer to campus and in the city centre. These areas can be expensive so make sure you consider your personal budget before you start to look. Typical student areas in Newcastle are: City Centre, Fenham, Spital Tongues, Sandyford, Jesmond, and Heaton. Our Housing Guide gives some very useful information on the typical areas students currently like to live. Think about what your priorities are and if sharing, are these the same as your potential flatmates? You might want to consider:


This might be a very simple decision for you if you prefer to live solo.  Otherwise it might mean difficult decisions & conversations – shared housing is not for everyone and can be challenging.  Think very carefully about compatibility and budgets.  Being good friends doesn’t also mean you will all make good housemates. If you have different budgets you might have to rethink who to live with.  If you have a large group consider splitting into smaller groups and living near to each other.  

Accommodation Types

University Halls, Private Halls, Block accommodation, quaint maisonette or large house?  Do you want to live in a private residence in the community or in a hall with concierge and security on hand? Do you want a modern build and ensuite facilities or are you happy sharing a bathroom?


Travel - Is it walking distance or will you need bus/metro links to campus? Remember to take into account the costs of these. You should also check out what it’s like during the day and night. Consider the safety and security of the area.  You can check out any history of crime in your area using the Police Crime Map.

Amenities - check what amenities are nearby, such as shops.

Nightlife - If going out is your thing, how near do you want to be?  Consider whether you will want to be nearby all year round (including exam season!).


Work this out and stick to it and don’t overcommit to something you can’t afford because others can.   Find out what is inclusive of the rent and what else you will need to pay for that isn’t included e.g. bills. If you cannot afford to live with the people you hope to, there’s no point breaking the bank to match their budget. Save the money then use that to meet up with them instead.

Top Tip: Remember most University halls are bills inclusive and only until the end of the academic year, while most private accommodation will be 52 week contracts. Make sure you factor in the bills and extra weeks/months into your budget.

Value for Money? A property's location and price does not always mean quality, look at a selection of what is on offer around Newcastle.

Page Last Updated: 16 November 2020