Information for Parents


Please note, although we understand it is difficult being away from your children and you may be not only emotionally but also financially, e.g. as guarantor, involved, we cannot discuss any student details with parents, guardians or family members. Being a confidential service, we can only speak to the students themselves.

We are only able to provide general information to parents, e.g. where students can go for medical or academic help. If you discover that your child has encountered a problem, please ask them to contact us to arrange an appointment. Parents are more than welcome, however, to use our website as a source of information.

Many things young people experience on the learning curve of life may be difficult for you as a parent to witness and they can leave you in a quandary as to how much you should intervene. It may also be difficult to sort out their problems for them as your child has become a young adult and is now legally responsible for their own decisions and the consequences of how they live.

With this change of legal status from minority to majority, many organisations and agencies and representives of them will no longer provide you with personal information or discuss your child’s affairs with you.

If you want specific advice for yourself, e.g. what liabilities you have as guarantor or advice on legal action against company/agency etc., as a student service we cannot help you directly but there are a wide range of organisations such as CAB, Shelter or Student Finance who might be able to help you. Please see our "Useful Contacts" page for details.