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Sexual Health Advice & Guidance

Due to the ntional lockdown the SU testing service is not available in term 2. Please follow the Sexual Health during the Pandemic guidance to access support services during the lockdown.

Your sexual health needs and wellbeing are important.  Looking after your sexual health can have a positive impact on your mental and overall physical health and because people under 25 are one of the groups at increased risk of being infected with an STI, we return each year with our S.H.A.G. campaign.

What is SHAG? SHAG stands for Sexual Health, Awareness, and Guidance. It’s useful bits of information intended to help you keep sexually healthy. That can be anything from contraception, to pregnancy information.


Sexual Health during the Pandemic

Shine and MESMAC are still operating. So, the HIV and DIY STI kit offer is still available by post. Also, Shine is able to drop off to any women in the city condoms, lube, and sanitary products. They are also offering one to support and advise, just by phone or online. You can visit their websites here: MESMAC & Shine. You can find the full list of services still operating in Newcastle here. 


HIV testing in the SU

From October you will be able to book an appointment to have an online appointment with a sexual health adviser from MESMAC and Shine, to discuss sexual health in general, any worries you may have, information on how to stay safe and how to take the HIV and STI DIY tests. These appointments will be via zoom and although we would encourage you to stay at home whenever possible, we can offer a private space in the SU if you need it.

When you book an appointment we will email with more information on how to request a test and information on the SU social distancing guidelines.

The test, although booked through NUSU, is confidential between you, MESMAC & SHINE. They also offer further support depending on the test result and can help you access other services if required.



Fast Track HIV Testing

See our free appointment slots

You can also call MESMAC/Shine on 0191 233 1333 for alternative appointment times and locations. You can visit their websites here:  MESMAC & Shine.


Student Advice

Our Student Advice Centre helps with a whole range of personal queries or concerns and so if you would like to book an appointment with an Adviser at the Student Advice Centre, send us an email or give us a call on 0191 2393979.  We can offer skype or telephone appointments. For general information, check out the Advice Centre here