Free activities

Activities to get you through this exam period.

2019 Activities coming soon

Handy video from the University

Study Smarter.

Make the time that you’re studying count, by studying effectively. Taking the time to get organised, and take breaks will be more beneficial than studying non-stop. We've compiled some resources that you can either collect from a library or print off yourself.

Live Better.

It is easy to fall into unhealthy habits during exam season. Forgetting about your health and wellbeing can be counterproductive and leave you feeling exhausted.

Get Active.

Exercise, however small, can reduce stress levels, increase brain activity and improve your mood. During S.O.S. there are plenty of activities on to help you get active and de-stress.

Seek Support.

Everybody needs help and support from time to time. At the Students’ Union we want to help you achieve your goals. Check out the resources and services below.

Where can I get free stuff?

We have physical resources and freebies available at:

  • The Hub, Second Floor NUSU
  • The Cube, First Floor NUSU
  • Philip Robinson Library
  • Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms
  • Walton Library
  • Business School
  • Urban Sciences Building
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