Trans Fund

We're happy to announce the introduction of a Trans Fund

Being trans, non-binary or questioning your gender identity can be a cause of financial stress, due to the purchasing of new clothes for your gender identity, buying necessities such as binders or expensive dead poll applications for legal name changes. All these things can improve the quality of life for trans, non-binary and gender questioning people immensely, and that is something we hope the trans fund will be able to help with

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Students can apply for up to £50 towards new purchases of items such as binders, clothes, makeup and other items that will make trans, non-binary students and gender questioning students lives easier. If you wish to apply for this fund please fill in and submit the form below and one of the NUSU staff members or Officers will get back to you*.

Funds are limited and we are working on a first come first serve basis so if we receive a lot of requests, we may not be able to cater to everyone. However, the more people who apply will show the demand for this fund which will help massively in making this a staple in years to come, so please apply.


I feel the trans fund is a brilliant way to support students who have or are facing issues with their gender identity, allowing them to explore themselves with gender-affirming items without the financial burden that can often be associated with it due to the expensive nature of some products. This can be especially true for students without support from parents and need to carefully manage their finances to simply survive, providing a boost to their mental health and allowing them to try and live more comfortably." - Student who accessed the fund.