Welfare & Support Centre.

The Welfare and Support Centre is a space for you to access support, resources, and information you might need to support your wellbeing, welfare, & safety whilst you study. From free contraception and drop-in sessions, to online guides and resources, our Centre is here to support you. As well as this, we campaign on important issues, and launch initatives to best protect and support students.

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You can find our Centre inside the main entrance of the Students' Union building on campus as part of the brand new Support & Advice Hub.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. If you need some urgent assistance, please find a helpful list of out-of-hours contacts below.

Emergency Contacts

Pop In & Chat.

If you are looking for welfare support we have a welcoming space for students to drop in, pick up resources, speak to a member of staff for signposting information, book in to speak with one of our specialists or just to have a cuppa and a chat. Below you can find out all the ways we can support you through our drop-ins and clinics, student chats, and our online resources. 


Talk to Students.

Nightline & our Buddies are always on hand to provide student-to-student support.

Nightline is a confidential and anonymous, listening and information service run by students, for the benefit of students. Contact us any night of term to talk about how you’re feeling or request information about other services.

Nightline NUSU Buddies

Support & Resources.

The Welfare and Support Centre is a space for you to access the resources and information you might need to support your wellbeing while you study. This can be anything from free condoms and HIV+ Testing to applying for a participation bursary and chatting with a NUSU Buddy.


What are we working on?

Through the year you’ll see us pop up with welfare-related campaigns such as S.H.A.G Week and Drug Awareness Week. Working with your Welfare and Equality Officer, we also help to lead on hate crime, sexual violence, and EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) work within NUSU. You can keep up-to-date with our work below.

Support & Wellbeing
Welfare and Support - Term 1 update

What have we been up to?

Support & Wellbeing
Student Safety

With safety in the front of our minds use this handy resource for contacts on and off campus.

Support & Wellbeing
Shout Up!

A city wide campaign aiming to tackle sexual harassment in the city's bars