Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Student Resources.

NUSU Welfare & Support Centre.

Reporting Services

NUSU will not tolerate harassment, bullying, and hate crime, and this absolutely includes incidents of LGBT+ discrimination. If you’ve experienced harassment because of your sexuality or gender, or you’ve witnessed a concerning incident on campus, we want to know. Our Report & Support service is an opportunity for students to disclose/report incidents (experienced or witnessed)of Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Hate Crime, Discrimination, Initiations, Domestic Abuse, or Bullying, perpetrated by a student, staff member, or members of the general public.


Representation at the Students' Union

The Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) Officer at the Students' Union is responsible for representing Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Students and liaises with the University/external organisations. In addition to this, they are a part of the University’s Diversity Consultative Group, which is a key University committee for promoting equality and diversity across campus. They represent Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Students students at NUSU meetings, including Student Council, General Meetings, Welfare, Liberation & Campaigns Committee as well as the Officers’ Forum.


Safe Spaces in Newcastle

Stand Up to Racism – a national organisation that raises awareness and organises marches against racism in the UK. There is a society at Newcastle University that acts as a branch to the organization – find out more here.

Show Racism the Red Card – this is an educational charity that utilises high-profile footballers in England and Wales to take a stand against racism. The organisation has brought together a large list of resources to support and educate against racism that you can find here.

The Angelou Centre - The Angelou Centre is a black-led women’s centre based in Newcastle upon Tyne. They offer a range of holistic women-only services for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women across the North East region. Find out more here

Stonewall - Being both BAME and LGBT+ can often be alienating and difficult. The LGBT+ Charity Stonewall offers a Role Model Programme in which both being LGBT+ and BAME is celebrated and supported. Find out more here.