Defining Hate Crime.

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Defining Hate Crime (or Incidents)

 In legal terms, Hate Crime covers 5 protected characteristics: (1) Disability, (2) Transgender status, (3) Race, (4) Religion, (5) Sexual Orientation. Unfortunately, misogyny isn't included but campaigners have been trying to change this.

Hate crimes, such as racist, homophobic, religious, transphobic, or disability incidents, should not happen, but they still do. Nobody should suffer because of who they are and nobody should have to put up with it. You can do something about it.

  • If you, your family, or friends are having problems because of your 'race' or skin colour, this is a racist incident.
  • If you, your family, or friends are having problems because of your sexual orientation or identity, this is a homophobic or transphobic incident.
  • If you, your family, or friends have been targeted because you have a disability then this is a disability hate crime.

Some types of these incidents, such as verbal abuse, assaults, and threats are obvious. Other examples, such as damage to your property, bullying or rude gestures can harder to identify. Hate crime can also happen online, via social media, or other electronic communications. If you believe you have experienced a hate incident, even if you have no proof, report it. You can report a hate incident whether it’s about you, someone else, or something you've seen/ witnessed.


Reporting Services

Our Report & Support service is an opportunity for students to disclose/report incidents (experienced or witnessed)of Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Hate Crime, Discrimination, Initiations, Domestic Abuse, or Bullying, perpetrated by a student, staff member, or members of the general public.

Stop Hate UK offers independent and confidential Hate Crime reporting services in commissioned areas around the UK, whether you are a victim of Hate Crime, you have witnessed an incident you believe to be a Hate Crime or you are a third party to an incident that could be a Hate Crime.