LGBTQ+ Support.

NUSU Welfare & Support Centre.

Representation at the Students' Union

The NUSU LGBTQ+ Officer is responsible for representing the interests of LGBTQ+ students within the Students’ Union and the University. They oppose all prejudices and discrimination against people who are LGBTQ+ on campus and raise awareness of issues of sexuality and gender. They liaise with the LGBTQ+ Society and will be a non-executive non-voting member on the Society’s committee.


Reporting Services

NUSU will not tolerate harassment, bullying, and hate crime, and this absolutely includes incidents of LGBTQ+ discrimination. If you’ve experienced harassment because of your sexuality or gender, or you’ve witnessed a concerning incident on campus, we want to know.

Our Report & Support service is an opportunity for students to disclose/report incidents (experienced or witnessed)of Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Hate Crime, Discrimination, Initiations, Domestic Abuse, or Bullying, perpetrated by a student, staff member, or members of the general public.

Stop Hate UK offers independent and confidential Hate Crime reporting services in commissioned areas around the UK, whether you are a victim of Hate Crime, you have witnessed an incident you believe to be a Hate Crime or you are a third party to an incident that could be a Hate Crime.


Gender-neutral Toilets

NUSU and University policy allow you to use the bathroom of the gender you present as across campus, but we know in practice, things aren’t always so simple. Safe, gender-neutral toilets are open all day and night in the Union building, on Levels 1, -1, and in Venue. Bins for sanitary products are also available in toilets of all genders.


Trans Fund & Transitioning Support

Being trans, non-binary, or questioning your gender identity can be a cause of financial stress, due to the purchasing of new clothes for your gender identity, buying necessities such as binders, or expensive dead poll applications for legal name changes. All these things can improve the quality of life for trans, non-binary and gender questioning people immensely, and that is something we hope the trans fund will be able to help with. Find out more here


LGBTQ+ Society

Fancy great nights out or chilled-out socials? Or maybe you’d benefit from an LGBTQ+ peer support group, or want to get stuck in with activism for LGBTQ+ rights. Why not consider joining our huge community of students in the LGBTQ+ society? We are a social and support liberation society for all LGBTQ+ students, both undergraduate and postgraduate. We run frequent socials as well as discussions and meets for specific identities to help people make friends and gain awareness on LGBTQ+ issues they may not be familiar with.