Low-Income Background Support.

NUSU Welfare & Support Centre.

Financial Support Available

NUSU offers Participation Bursaries of £280 for students from lower-income backgrounds who want to get involved with clubs and societies. Eligibility and application details can be found under the Get Involved tab on the NUSU website.

The Student Advice Centre (located on the ground floor in NUSU) has financial advisers who offer guidance on a host of different financial issues, including scholarships, Student Finance England/Wales/NI, estrangement issues, and debt management. All support is free and confidential. More information can be found on the Advice Centre's Finance Advice page.

The University has a Student Financial Support Fund for students struggling to cover essential, day-to-day living costs which you can find here.

The Student Health and Wellbeing Service offer advice and money-saving tips for students struggling with financial hardship under their Financial Support tab. They also have Financial Advisers who are located at Kings Gate for those seeking personal financial guidance.