Safety Support & Contacts.

NUSU Welfare & Support Centre.

Know who to call if you need help.  

Newcastle is an amazing place to live and study with something for everyone whatever your taste. There are some downsides to living in such a vibrant city and campus that might result in us needing to seek help.

The information provided below aims to give you all of the information you need to make sure you know how to get help and support if you need it.


First things first...

It’s always 999

If you find yourself or someone else in immediate danger you should phone 999. The call is free and you can make it from any phone to contact the fire service, police, ambulance, and the coastguard.

In the case of an emergency on campus, you can telephone the University Security Control 24 hours phone line on 0191 208 6817.

If you need a non-emergency police response

If you are the victim of a crime or have witnessed any non-emergency incident occurring within the Northumbria Police area, you can call 101 or alternatively use the online reporting form.


Reporting crime to Northumbria Police

If you choose to report to the Police, please note: the Police are duty-bound to record and investigate complaints of criminal activity and it will greatly assist the Police if you could provide as much detail as possible. If you would wish to stay anonymous when you report, please report the incident via Crimestoppers.

We also have a Campus Police Officer who works on campus and can be contacted using the details below.


Non- emergency medical care

Consider calling NHS on 111 if you urgently need medical help or advice, but it's not a life-threatening situation. You can also call NHS 111 if you're not sure which NHS service you need.

Outside normal surgery hours you can still phone your GP practice, but you'll usually be directed to an out-of-hours service. The out-of-hours period is from 6:30pm–8:00am on weekdays and all day at weekends and on bank holidays.



Where are you?


SafeZone is a free new app for all students and staff that connects you directly to the university security team when you need help while you are on campus. You can get urgent help if you or someone near you feels threatened or is the victim of an assault or robbery, and call for First Aid or Help in less urgent situations. When you raise an alarm or call for help, all on-campus security team members will be alerted to your situation and location so that they can co-ordinate to help you quickly and effectively.

The SafeZone service is specific to SafeZone Areas that have been defined by your campus security team. While you are within one of the defined areas, the campus security team will respond to your alarm or call.

Get help with:

  • First Aid: If you need medical assistance, tap the FIRST-AID button. Campus Security will know your location & will direct a qualified First Aider to you.
  • Need Help: If you need assistance from Campus Security, tap the HELP button. You'll be connected directly to speak to Security, and they'll know your location.
  • Urgent Assistance: If you feel threatened or need urgent assistance, tap the Emergency button. Campus Security will know your location, try to contact you and come to your location.


Contacting campus security

You can contact them 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 0191 208 6817. If you live in University halls, you can also use the Help Point at your residence to call them.

The University also has a Campus Police Officer who works on campus and can be contacted using the details below.

In an emergency, it’s always 999

The Student Advice Centre provides personal safety tips here.

If you are planning a night out, remember the essential guidance from Northumbria Police – keys, money, phone and make plans to get home.


Getting home

Safe taxi Scheme If you are stranded with no way of getting home there is help available. Find out more here


Door Staff

The majority of places you might visit on a night out will have door staff employed who are there to help. If you feel that a situation was not handled appropriately you can raise a concern with the SIA who are the governing body of all licensed door staff in the city.  

Reporting a crime or concern to the SIA.  



Operation Oak

Operation Oak supports students and permanent residents living in Jesmond, Heaton, Sandyford, and Ouseburn, on matters such as safety, noise complaints, and tackling crime. This partnership between Northumbria Police and Newcastle’s two universities provides additional police patrols on call from 10pm to 4am, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and for any major student events.

If you need help from Operation Oak please call 101.



Need to report something?

Report and Support

Both the University and Student Union have ways of reporting incidents of sexual harassment, sexual violence, hate crime, spiking, domestic violence, discrimination, and bullying.

You can use whichever you feel most comfortable with:


University Health and Wellbeing Services are here to offer support even if you don’t report. Please get in touch.


Stop Hate UK offers independent and confidential Hate Crime reporting services in commissioned areas around the UK, whether you are a victim of Hate Crime, you have witnessed an incident you believe to be a Hate Crime or you are a third party to an incident that could be a Hate Crime. Find out more here. 



Follow Up Support

Everyone is different and things have an effect on people in different ways. There are many routes that students can take in getting extra support if. It may help to speak to a friend or family member that you trust or you may need to speak to someone with more professional experience.  The Officers in the Union are newly graduated and understand how it feels to be a student so they might be a good alternative for a chat as they can signpost you on to routes that might help.  

Contact Student Health and Wellbeing Services - University Health and Wellbeing Services are here to offer support even if you don’t report it.

You can also contact any of our NUSU Sabbatical Officers here