Trans Fund & Transitioning Support.

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Being trans, non-binary, or questioning your gender identity can be a cause of financial stress, due to the purchasing of new clothes for your gender identity, buying necessities such as binders, or expensive dead poll applications for legal name changes. All these things can improve the quality of life for trans, non-binary and gender questioning people immensely, and that is something we hope the trans fund will be able to help with.


The Trans Fund

Students can apply for up to £50 towards new purchases of items such as binders, clothes, makeup, and other items that will make trans, non-binary students and gender questioning students' lives easier. If you wish to apply for this fund please fill in and submit the form below and one of the NUSU staff members or Officers will get back to you*. Funds are limited and we are working on a first come first serve basis so if we receive a lot of requests, we may not be able to cater to everyone. However, the more people who apply will show the demand for this fund which will help massively in making this a staple in years to come, so please apply. You can apply here


Transitioning Support

At your request through S3P, the University can change your known name and gender on its systems. They will also change your official name and gender -- meaning that these can be on your degree parchment when you graduate -- if you can provide a legal name change (Deed Poll) and Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC).

Find out how to change your legal name here.

Find out how to change your legal gender here.

In the past, some students have reported difficulties in changing their gender to ‘other’ in S3P, or in getting a Uni email address to match their new name. Student wellbeing service has a dedicated member of staff to help with this - you can contact them here. If any changes you need to make aren’t running smoothly, the Union is here to help! You can contact the Student Advice Centre or your Welfare and Equality Officer.