TEAs Category Descriptions


Please find the descriptions for each TEA category below. These descriptions should provide you with all the guidance you need to effectively tailor your nomination. For some categories, you will also find excerpts from winning nominations from previous years in italics, to give you some further inspiration!


Outstanding Contribution to Student Employability

This award recognises any member of teaching or support staff who has made an exceptional effort to help you enhance your employability or achieve your career goals while at University. This may take the form of: providing excellent careers advice or guidance; assisting you in gaining a placement or work experience position; helping you to secure a job or study place upon graduation; or organising events with employers or alumni.

This is a new award for 2018



Professional Services Staff Member of the Year

This award recognises a non-academic member of staff who has made an outstanding contribution to supporting the learning experience of students. This may have been in the form of helping with the administration of your course, facilitating access to learning resources, or developing a positive academic environment between students and staff in your school.

“They are great at simplifying complex problems and breaking things down such that I could easily follow and this made communication very easy and fruitful. Working with them has immensely increased my knowledge.”



Outstanding Contribution to Pastoral Support

Nominations in this category are invited for members of staff who have provided outstanding pastoral support to students. You should nominate any member of staff who you feel has made an exceptional effort to ensure your personal wellbeing while at University. When nominating a staff member for this award, you should outline the ways their help has positively impacted on your experience at Newcastle University.

“They helped me to submit PEC forms and as a result of their support I was able to continue studying. They regularly checked up to see how I was and to ensure that I wasn't falling behind […] I strongly believe that if it was not for all of their pastoral support I would not have completed my third year […] Knowing that they were available to speak to at any time when things were starting from to get too much was very reassuring and helped me to keep going.”



Outstanding Contribution to Equality and Diversity in Teaching

This award recognises any member of staff who has made specific efforts to ensure that all students, regardless of their protected characteristics, have equal opportunities to learn and succeed. This may take the form of: diversifying module content so that it is more representative of the student body; including students in the co-creation of the curriculum; developing alternative assessment methods which test a wider range of skills than more traditional approaches; researching the attainment gaps within their school or institute and taking specific measures to tackle them; or simply nurturing a welcoming and supportive learning environment.

This is a new award for 2018



Outstanding Contribution to Feedback

This award is given to a member of staff who has made you a better and more confident student as a result of their feedback. When nominating a member of staff in this category, you may wish to consider factors such as the quality, quantity, timeliness and style of feedback they have given you.

“For those of us with low grades they assured us it wasn't the end of the world and gave us suggestions on magazines we could look at to improve our […] knowledge […] as a student it gives you that boost because you know that you're still able to improve, there's always time.”



Taught Supervisor of the Year

You should nominate a member of staff in this category if you are an undergraduate or postgraduate taught student who has received exceptional guidance and support from your dissertation supervisor. When nominating your supervisor for this award, you should detail how their supervision has enabled you to research and write a better thesis. In doing so, you may wish to consider their willingness to discuss ideas and how they have helped you resolve any issues that may have arisen during the course of your research.

“They have helped me develop as a person and academic, their influence has led me to gain greater research skills and theoretical understanding, but also greater confidence and ambition. They have always provided the perfect balance between support and freedom to exercise my independence and creativity.”



Research Supervisor of the Year

The winner of this award will be a member of staff who has provided outstanding academic supervision to postgraduate research students. Their guidance will have enhanced your abilities as a researcher as well as helping you overcome any personal or professional obstacles you may have faced. Factors you may want to consider when nominating a member of staff in this category are their accessibility, ability to communicate successfully and how they have prepared you for the next stage of your career.

“They helped me to construct a research project based on my interests and their knowledge. Even though my project was not their main research area, they were always interested to learn from me what I had read. This motivated me to want to undertake extra reading to discuss at meetings.”



Outstanding Contribution to Teaching

This award recognises members of academic staff including postgraduate students who teach whose teaching excels in all areas. Their outstanding teaching should encourage a passion for the subject and engage you actively in the learning process. Factors you might wish to consider when nominating a member of staff in this category are their teaching methods and approaches, their role in deepening your understanding of the course content, or how they have enabled you to become a more effective learner.

There is one award per faculty and one encompassing the global campuses (NU London, NUIS (Singapore), NUMed (Malaysia)).

“Through their course and mentorship I have been able to develop educational programs in my work which have a greater impact, critically appraise them in a coherent way, and allowed me to present these nationally.”

“They are heavily involved in identifying innovative ways to involve students in lectures including resources such as Ombea. They work hard to develop sessions based on student feedback involving the Careers Service and Library/Writing Development Centre when appropriate to provide information from those with the best knowledge in each of the areas.”

“Normally when coming out of a lecture I would feel drained, however I would come out of their lectures genuinely wanting to read articles that were mentioned in discussions, because of the excellent way it was communicated to us.”