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Twisting Ducks - Social Media and Marketing Volunteer

This opportunity takes place between 01 Oct 2020 and 30 Apr 2021. Closing date for applications is 13 Oct.

The Twisting Ducks Theatre Company provides accessible opportunities for people with learning disabilities and autism to take part in arts activities, including drama, music and film. Social Media and Marketing Volunteer: Volunteers will support our charity with social media and marketing activities, including - Helping to produce newsletters/articles - Posting update/news stories on social media - Producing posters and other promotional materials - Raising awareness about activity (e.g. fundraising campaigns) - Attending marketing/community events (e.g. fairs, conferences) to promote the charity


Marketing/ media/ journalism.

Hours per week



A compulsory minimum of 70 Hours is required for the CDM placement for the year. Offices are open Mondays – Fridays 10 am – 4 pm

DBS required?



TD Studios, West Road, Ncl NE4 9LU

Transport details

Easily accessible by buses from city centre

Provider details

Volunteers will attend induction training covering policies and procedures, including safeguarding vulnerable adults policy.

Preferred degree

  • Area of InterestArts, Music and Culture, Business and Leadership, Children and Young People, Disability, Education, Homelessness and Vulnerable People, Local Community, Media and Marketing, Mental Health
  • Volunteering TypeCDM

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