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Earth Doctors Ltd - Artisan Baking Community - Business Development Officer

This opportunity takes place between 01 Oct 2020 and 30 Apr 2021. Closing date for applications is 13 Oct.

We are an innovative social enterprise which develop food projects with create social and environmental impact. We have been trading since 2013 and one of our lead projects is the Artisan Baking Community Project. From a product perspective we make artisan breads using organic stoneground flours for sale through markets and café/restaurants. Our service side involves delivering baking sessions in communities/ with organisations and individuals. Tasks could include: Maintain and grow social media activity/following. Increase income from both bread sales and service sides of business. Support production and sales activities. Develop new products. Develop new partnerships/collaborations. Identify potential funders.


Food and nutrition knowledge. Skills and enthusiasm for baking. Knowledge of marketing/sales.

Suitable For

Area of interest - food, community projects, baking, social enterprise

Hours per week



A compulsory 70 hours is required for the CDM placement for the year, across October - April (terms one and two)

DBS required?




Provider details

Some activities can be done within students own time. Weekly meetings to update are useful approach. Production and baking activities generally Friday/Saturday daytime. Community baking training days can happen daytime or in evenings.
  • Area of InterestBusiness and Leadership, Campaigning, Education, Health and Social Care, Local Community, Media and Marketing
  • Volunteering TypeCDM

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