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Watch Your Head

This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Oct 2020.

University can be stressful. Sometimes all you want to do is binge on Netflix and have a 1358 hour nap. Deadlines and commitments can make those wishes not always possible. But fear not. You still deserve a break from university and life’s demands now and again.

This is where Watch Your Head comes in. We are a student led project who deliver wellbeing workshops and aim provide a safe space for anyone to unleash their stress, boost their wellbeing and acquire new skills to help manage their stress effectively.

If you fancy unleashing your inner Picasso or simply just want to delve in a new hobby, we run art & creativity workshops in the Hatton Gallery with different themes each session. We also lead various non-competitive sports and running sessions aimed at all levels of fitness. If you simply just want to chat and learn more information on how best to utilise your stress, we also provide peer support sessions and various relaxing stress-relief activities. Watch Your Head simply wants to help you manage stress in a more creative and positive way whilst also giving you the chance to uncover new skills and an opportunity to meet like-minded people. Everyone is welcome to come along to the sessions and they are all free of charge! They are not designed to provide therapy but aim to create a therapeutic experience in which you can learn new skills, release stress and help boost your wellbeing. The dates, times and location of the workshops will be released on the Go Volunteer calendar in a few weeks so look out for those if you are interested in coming along!

If you are keen to get involved and would like to volunteer for Watch Your Head, please get in touch and have a browse through the available roles. All volunteers are required to complete the mandatory training which will be run in October.

All Watch Your Head Workshops can be found on the 'One off Projects' page https://www.nusu.co.uk/volunteering/events/ . No need to sign up and all activities are free.


• Project management • Planning • Communication • Teamwork

Suitable For

All students, particularly those interested in mental health

Hours per week




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  • Area of InterestHealth and Social Care, Mental Health, Sport

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