Volunteer of the Month.

This is our opportunity to hghlight and praise the amazing work that our student volunteers do throughout the year. From launching new projects, showcasing great leadership, to going above and beyond to provide support and assistance to one of our volunteering providers, these are our volunteers of the month.


March 2021

Rosemary Zenith Penheiro (Family & Separation Support)

Rosemary has been volunteering as a fundraiser to find grants and celebrities to donate or promote the organisation. Side by side, Rosemary dedicated her time to the organisation to build strategies to promote their work.

November 2019

Zoe Dunnett (Rupert's Wood)

Zoe organised the ice hockey task at Rupert's Wood superbly. It was clear that she was trusted and liked by everyone in the group, she always responded promptly, professionally, and made extra efforts and preparations to ensure everyone took part. Zoe kept the group's morale up, communicated between 3 construction teams on the day, safely and listening to everyone rather than just giving orders, and included as many members of the club as possible.

October 2019

Megan Ayres (A Second Life)

Megan has shown great enthusiasm to get involved and to help others working with recycled fabrics and setting up the Repair Café. Megan is doing much more than simply volunteering in the project and has now taken on a leadership role within a Second Life.

September 2019

Jack Swain (Stu Brew)

Besides fulfilling his role as Student Brewmaster, Jack has assisted in all events during September – FW stalls, campus bars, Gate pop up, Brinkburn beer festival. He has put in an enormous amount of hours and has been readily available to take up tasks, sometimes at very short notice. Started brewing kombucha (non-alcoholic fermented tea) which will increase the range of non-alcoholic drinks available to sell at our events e.g. Brewery Bashes. This will also increase the number of brewing activities available to society members, therefore, increasing future student participation. The production of this non-alcoholic product will make Stu Brew more inclusive.

August 2019

Ian Cole

Mature student Ian was keen to keep his hands busy in the first week of August. He first made all the preparations properly, meeting with the manager of Kids Kabin (a youth project in Walker), arranging his DBS check, and getting insured and tested on the NUSU minibus. He then turned up on the day as the youth group's driver, camp helper and nature guide - connecting the interests of his Biology degree with the volunteer opportunity. Camping overnight alongside the camp (but just far enough from the kids to get a decent night's sleep), Ian was an invaluable help to the youth workers and had a great time with the children: they are keen for him to join them again next summer!

July 2019

Abigail Rodgers

Realising she had time on her hands, Abbie contacted Go Volunteer and then took on intensive volunteering for 4 projects in 3 days. Helping kids camp at Rupert's Wood - encouragement, teamwork and problem solving with 8 year olds trying to put up tents for the first time. Participating at an iron age archaeological dig, Abbie was dropped off at a remote farm site and over 9 hours she worked alongside local members of the community and, as would have it, an expert from her own School of Archaeology. On the following day she helped a girls' group go camping and then was back on campus in time to volunteer with Intogration. A very hectic few days!

June 2019

Phillip Layford

June’s Volunteer of the month goes to a student who hasn’t stopped volunteering even through their summer break! Phillip has been a great help with regularly inspecting the bees and keeping on top of tasks. Beesoc has been expanding this summer, he has helped with the exciting arrival of the three new colonies in the roof garden apiary. With many of the society volunteers not around with Phillip’s helping hand Beesoc has been able to ensure they can survive the busy summer and even expand their colonies.

May 2019

Michaela Mossop

The Natural History Society

Micaela has done a fabulous job with taking the lead on The Natural History Society volunteering manging a small group of students which has been a fantastic link between the Society and Newcastle University students. This has now been forged into a lasting relationship that allows students to learn about conservation and contribute to the local area. The group now volunteers every two weeks at Gosforth Park, which greatly helps the reserve accomplish large, laborious tasks.


Liam Plunkett

Stu Brew

Liam is a full time PhD student and despite a very busy time in his studies he has always completed tasks associated with his role on time bringing attractive and effective designs for beer badges and promotional material. His introduction of a range of Stu Brew merchandise deserves praise.

In the past couple of months, Liam has gone above expectations of his role by coming into the brewery to address the dynamic needs of the enterprise sometimes very last minute. For example, he received and dealt with a 1 tonne malt delivery on his own during the bank holiday when no one else was available. During this time he also reorganised the malt store which saves the Project Worker valuable time when doing the stock take therefore freeing up time for other tasks. Previously, Liam assisted with other large deliveries such as the new fridge and 48 x steel casks. He also led the clean down for the May Brewery Bash where he spent more hours than the rest of the committee in ensuring the brewery was back in good condition for brewing and research.

As other members of the 2018/19 committee have started to wind down this month, Liam had to work twice as hard since there was no one to replace him but he still fulfilled his role as well as prepare handover materials for potential applicants.


Dianne Odede

Micro Volunteering

Dianne has attended a number of micro volunteering events during the exam period where she has helped make a load of wiggly bags for children undergoing cancer treatment. Dianne’s enthusiasm is second to none, she always makes everyone in the group smile, making us all feel at ease and welcome as though they have known each other for a long time. Dianne has been taking some bags home to make in her own time and has even taken on a new project to help the same children.

April 2019


Grow Volunteer

Ella has been a consistent volunteer with Grow Volunteer all year and has encouraged others to get involved along the way. She takes great interest in growing and her enthusiasm is infectious.

March 2019

Meg Keates

Student Volunteering Week 2019

Meg was selected as February's volunteer of the month for her commitment, involvement and hard work which she put into making student volunteering week successful. Meg approached each event with a huge smile on her face wanting to learn more about volunteering and how she could help and contribute further. She played a vital role in the planning and preparation and a huge part in spreading the word involving new volunteers!

February 2019

Tammy Olushina

A Second Life, Study support and Grant Panel

Tammy was selected for her commitment and constant hard work for multiple volunteering projects.
Tammy's organisation skills are impeccable keeping on top of all responsibilities. A sociable, friendly and fully involved project lead for A Second Life, tutoring with the Study Support schools project and being a part of the grants panel.
We often receive great feedback from multiple members of staff, students you volunteer with and pupils who you have helped.

January 2019

Seema Dehabra


Seema started volunteering in September 2018 and has since become an irreplaceable member of the N.E.S.T family. Consistently dedicated, she volunteers across many branches of the project including running one of the weekend classrooms. She has been at the forefront of leading the women's football team and her passion for supporting the refugee and asylum seeking community is outstanding. She is supportive of fellow volunteers and always makes time to help everyone around her. Her love for the learners she teaches is an example to everyone and we are so lucky to have her.

December 2018

Lucy Butcher

Helping Our Homeless

Lucy was selected as Decembers volunteer of the month for all your hard work and contribution to Go Volunteer 14 Days of Christmas. The involvement with Helping our Homeless has been second to none with the activities some of the best attended over the 2 week period.

Lucy has certainly helped many this Christmas time with the activities she organised. Well over 100 boxes is AMAZING!

November 2018

Alex McVeigh


Alex was selected for this month's award for her hard work and efforts with INTOgration.

Alex is extremely easy and efficient to work with from a Go Volunteer point of view and it is clear her hard work is paying off. We often receive great feedback from the INTOgration learners and other members of staff she has worked with.