Meet the Team




Katie Blundell

Volunteer Development and Employability Manager

Hi, I'm Katie. My role is to manage the team and coordinate the development and delivery of our volunteering opportunities, in line with what you, the students would like to do and to help develop your employability skills. We are continually reviewing and developing our volunteering projects to help students develop their skills and employability and make the most of their time here at Newcastle University.

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Phil Hay

Volunteer Coordinator

Hi, I'm Phil. A key part of my role is to find new and exciting community volunteer projects for students to get involved with. I have over 12 years’ experience in student volunteering so if you have a question about volunteering which I can’t answer I am sure I can at least point you in the right direction!

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Jo Day

Employability & Skills Coordinator

Hi, I'm Jo, the Employability & Skills Coordinator. I'm here to help students understand how their extra-curricular activities make them more employable, and to encourage them to make the most of the opportunities here at NUSU. I work closely with the university Careers Service to provide accreditation schemes, development opportunities, awards ceremonies and training.

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Liz Gulliver

Volunteer & Skills Administrator

Hi, I'm Liz, and I'm the Volunteer and Skills Administrator at Go Volunteer. I work as the main point of contact and administrator for the Volunteering branch of the Career Development Module.  If you have any questions about the module or CDM volunteering placements please feel free to come and have a chat.

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Becky Hamer

Project Development & Engagement Worker

Hi, I’m Becky Hamer the Project Development and Engagement Worker. I love to engage new volunteers in what we have to offer so you should see me around campus. I also oversee the into schools projects and lots of micro volunteering opportunities.

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Mike Duckett

Go Volunteer Project Worker

Hi, I'm Mike, another project worker with Go Volunteer. I oversee our grants scheme meaning I’m always keen to hear your ideas for new projects. I also oversee lots of outdoor projects including Revitalising Redesadale, tree planting, wildwood and Rupert’s wood.

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Jon Pickering

Go Volunteer Project Worker

Hi, I’m Grumpy Jon. I’m a project worker with Go Volunteer.  I support Student Volunteers in growing fruit and vegetables in our Community Gardens on campus and beyond. I oversee projects such as Grow Volunteer, A Second Life, the tree planting and wild flower growing Wildwood Scheme. Come and have fun getting to know the great outdoors, keep fit, and meet new people.

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Sandy Tse

Project Worker at Stu Brew

Hi, I’m Sandy and I’m the Project Worker for Stu Brew – the University and Union’s award winning student run brewery. My role is supporting the students in the day to day running of the brewery, providing advice and support on any of the business administration tasks that come up in running a successful commercial brewery.

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Bridget Stratford

N.E.S.T Project Worker

Hi, I’m Bridget and I’m the N.E.S.T Project Worker. I recently became a full time member of the team after being a student volunteer leader. My role is to support students to deliver on the different strands of N.E.S.T including language lessons, outreach trips and children’s activities.

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