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If you’re a charity or not for profit organisation in search of volunteers, then look no further Find out how you can get involved with NUSU as an organisation, and what benefits there are to this.

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Go Volunteer have access to over 27,000 students and potential volunteers looking to expand their CVs and make a difference in society. If you wish to advertise volunteering vacancies on our website and newsletter, we need a few things from you. First, we’ll send you a copy of our Opportunity Provider Profile to complete. This gives us a better idea of what you’re about and who you’re looking for.

Once the admin and policies are out the way, you’ll get your very own page on our website and you’ll get a mention in our weekly newsletter too (It’s worth noting that the newsletter goes out on a Monday so we’ll need any extra info by noon on Friday beforehand). We’ll also look to help your project by making you aware of any fairs or events on campus that we think you may wish to attend.

The following are essential requirements:

  • Insurance that sufficiently covers your volunteers' activities
  • A Health and Safety Policy that follows regulations in relation to the volunteers' work with your organisation or project
  • If the activity relates to volunteering with children or vulnerable adults, we require you to comply with current legislation regarding disclosure/criminal record checks.

We also strongly encourage organisations to have the following:

  • A specific person who can act as a "go to" contact for the volunteer
  • Regular volunteer supervision (formal or informal)
  • A system of volunteer induction and training
  • A Volunteer Policy with clear guidelines about induction, training, support, supervision and responsibility for volunteers and ending a volunteer role
  • An Equal Opportunities Policy for your organisation as a whole.

If you’d like to receive a copy of our Opportunity Provider Profile, email Phil at