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Here at Go Volunteer we want to help you find the perfect volunteering opportunity. you want to develop skills in an area relevant to your chosen career; work on your personal development or just lend a helping hand in the local community, we’re here to help you get started. We manage our own community projects, including N.E.S.T; Stu Brew; Study Support; Art into Schools; It on the Move and many, many more. We also work with over 150 charities, schools, community and voluntary groups to offer a diverse range of opportunities. NOTE: NOT compatible with Career Development Module

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  • LOT

    This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

    Due to current circumstances this Go Volunteer supported project is on hold, LOT are keeping a close eye on developments and frequently re-assessing when this project can recommence. The best way to stay up to date with all things LOT is to register your interest below and you will receive all the links to follow the project on social media LOT is an outdoor green art space in Ouseburn, situated directly behind the Cumberland arms. Although LOT is predominately an Art space, we host a variety of workshops, exhibitions, concerts and other events. LOT has its very own orchard, large raised beds (where we grow our very own produce), a hut built by volunteers and a wooden gazebo. All these aspects of the land need regular tending to whether it be gardening or building improvements. We are looking for volunteers to help with management and hands on involvement with our events and ongoing conservation of the space. We have around seven events throughout the academic year and are in need of motivated and creative thinkers to join our friendly, innovative team. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions from volunteers for our collaborative community project.

    • Area of InterestArts, Music and Culture, Events, Local Community, Outdoors, Environment and Conservation
    • Volunteering TypeOn-Going Projects, One-Off Projects
  • N.E.S.T

    This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

    North East Solidarity and Teaching (N.E.S.T) is a multi-award winning and internationally-recognised student-led project at Newcastle University Students Union (NUSU) that is managed by Go Volunteer. N.E.S.T empowers the refugee and asylum-seeking community in the region through a variety of formats such as one-to-one English teaching, group English classes, sports, creative arts and trips into the local area. Through N.E.S.T, learners (refugees and asylum seekers) gain confidence in their language skills, find new friends and family, and become better integrated into the community. N.E.S.T runs every day, providing up to 13 sessions each week for people of all ages. The wide variety of activities available mean that there really is something for everyone and with over 300 lovely volunteers, you are bound to make new friends! N.E.S.T is one of the easiest Go Volunteer projects to get involved with and by doing so, you will learn more than university alone could ever teach you and be helping out in one of the biggest crises of our time. Join the family by registering your interest below!

    • Area of InterestEducation, Homelessness and Vulnerable People, International and Languages, Mentoring, Befriending and Advocacy
    • Volunteering TypeOn-Going Projects
  • Stu Brew

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Oct 2018 and 01 Aug 2021.

    Stu Brew is Europe's first ever student-run microbrewery, and we're really proud of it. The brewery runs as a social enterprise managed by students from Newcastle University, delivering a clear sustainability message to the student community and the wider public, as well as keeping the union stocked up on decent booze. Stu Brew has its own society which not surprisingly is one of the fastest growing at the university, the beer tasting sessions have been particularly popular.... You can be involved in every aspect of the business, from label design to sourcing great hops, and from online promotion to bottling up the finished product. Contact us for further info on individual roles.

    • Area of InterestBusiness and Leadership, Local Community, Media and Marketing, Outdoors, Environment and Conservation
  • Nightline

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Oct 2028.

    Nightline is our confidential and anonymous listening and information service run by students for the benefit of students. Contact us any night of term to talk about how you’re feeling or request information about other services. No problem is too big or too small for Nightline: we’re simply here to listen about whatever is on your mind. We won’t judge you, and we won’t advise you on what to do next: that choice is left entirely up to you. What we will do is give you a space to explore how you’re feeling in complete confidentiality, when friends or family may not be awake, and other services may not be available. We’re here whenever you need us, so do get in touch: we’ll listen, not lecture. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Nightline is currently only operating its instant messaging service with opening hours 8pm to 2am. Volunteer with Nightline Want to make a difference and help fellow students? Are you compassionate, empathetic and a good listener? Then you should think about applying to volunteer with us. To volunteer with us, you don’t need prior experience: all we ask is that you come with the right attitude; our extensive weekend-long training programme will cover the rest. Once trained, you’ll have ongoing support and retraining opportunities throughout your time with us. Think this might be for you? We take on applications at various points throughout the year. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram or visit the Go Volunteer website for more information on when and how to apply:


    • Area of InterestHomelessness and Vulnerable People, Mental Health, Mentoring, Befriending and Advocacy
  • Brush Up

    This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

    Due to current circumstances this Go Volunteer project is on hold, we are keeping a close eye on developments and frequently re-assessing when this project can recommence. For regular updates, make sure you follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter. If you have any questions about this project or volunteering in general please email Facebook: @nclgovolunteer Twitter & Instagram: @nusugovolunteer

    This is a student volunteer group based in the School of Dental Sciences delivering oral health education. It has been running for almost 10 years! 
    We go out into the community, mainly into schools, around Newcastle in more deprived areas, where access to dental care is more likely to be limited. We give oral hygiene and diet advice and take along props to get the groups we visit involved. We have just recently been awarded funding from NUSU’s Go Volunteer fund and we now have a dental chair for people to become more accustomed to dentistry.

    BrushUp was runner up in 2 awards for the Community Impact Awards 2020: community outreach and students for health meaning they were also shortlisted for the Pride Awards 2020 too!

    You can also find us on social media: Instagram: @brushupncl and Twitter: @brushup_ncl 

    • Area of InterestChildren and Young People, Education, Health and Social Care
  • Beekeeping

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Aug 2021.

    NUSU has bees on and off campus, and we are always looking for volunteers to help look after them. We also link up with other beekeeping folk and pollinator-friendly community projects across Newcastle to do our best to keep the stripy things abuzz. Hopefully in 2021 when the weather gets a little warmer and COVID-19 restrictions are eased volunteers will be able to get suited up and see our bees and the hives close up, but for now we will be running a series of virtual workshops where you can find out more about bees in general and what we do at Newcastle University and can also take part in some hands on activities like candle wax making from the safety of your home.

    • Area of InterestAnimals, Outdoors, Environment and Conservation
  • INTOgration

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Aug 2021.

    INTOgration is a conversation group set up to help international students improve and practise their conversational English whilst learning about British culture, regional dialects, colloquialisms, idioms and lots more! Our ultimate aim is to help these students confidently integrate into both the Newcastle University community and the local Newcastle community. The sessions are informal and relaxed which is why we encourage students to join us for a cuppa. What is more British than having a chat over a cup of tea? Sessions will take place on campus in the INTO building every Wednesday 5pm- 6pm. We then hold a 30 minute meeting to plan the next session. As a volunteer, you will help to create content for sessions, teach the content to students, converse with students and help out with activities during the sessions. Volunteers must be native or fluent English speakers.

    • Area of InterestEducation, International and Languages
  • Procrastiknitting

    This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

    Procrastiknitting is a fantastic opportunity for new and experienced knitters, crocheters and sewers to practice and enhance their skills, all while helping the community. We have weekly meetings to work on our projects such as bonding squares and cannula sleeves for premature babies in hospitals.

    This opportunity is currently running virtually via zoom. A fun, relaxed friendly group, a nice opportunity to escape university work and focus on something else.

    • Area of InterestArts, Music and Culture, Children and Young People
  • A Second Life

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Aug 2021.

    A Second Life is our up-cycling creative project which takes old materials or products and gives them a new lease of life. Previously we have made a bench for our rooftop garden out of old wooden pallets, organised Christmas decoration making from old jars and bottles and made pencil cases from old vinyl banners. The project is perfect for anyone who is passionate about sustainability and recycling and enjoys doing hands on arts and crafts activities. Volunteers are needed for all aspects of the project but particularly for getting involved in the up-cycling workshops. These will be led by Jon our upcycling wizard, so no previous experience is necessary! New up-cycling ideas are always wanted, if you have seen something on Printest or thought something up then let us know! This year we will be delivering A Second Life sessions virtually so you can take part from home, and don't worry we will make use of Zoom to ensure there is still that much needed social aspect to the project.

    • Area of InterestOutdoors, Environment and Conservation
  • Grow Volunteer

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Aug 2021.

    Grow Volunteer is an exciting new project that encompasses all the green, growing and environmental projects that Go Volunteer runs. We have an urban growing area at Joseph Cowen Yard, a roof garden for herbs and bees and a newly created ‘pop bottle’ greenhouse for salad growing in the mezzanine outside NUSU reception. In addition we also have an allotment at Cockle Park Farm in Morpeth. We want to create some green space using recycled materials and show volunteers what can be grown in limited urban spaces.

    • Area of InterestOutdoors, Environment and Conservation
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