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Here at Go Volunteer we want to help you find the perfect volunteering opportunity. you want to develop skills in an area relevant to your chosen career; work on your personal development or just lend a helping hand in the local community, we’re here to help you get started. We manage our own community projects, including N.E.S.T; Stu Brew; Study Support; Art into Schools; It on the Move and many, many more. We also work with over 150 charities, schools, community and voluntary groups to offer a diverse range of opportunities. NOTE: NOT compatible with Career Development Module

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  • St John Ambulance (Newcastle LINKS) - Event First Aider

    This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

    Newcastle LINKS is the Newcastle University first aid society as well as a unit of St John Ambulance. As a member of the society, you can apply to become an event first aider with our St. John Ambulance unit. As an event first aider, you’ll provide first aid care to people in need at public events. This volunteer role can see you at a range of events from school sports days to professional football matches, music festivals and big sporting events such as the London Marathon. You don’t need any previous first aid experience to become a first aider – the Newcastle LINKS society and St John Ambulance will give you all the training you need. From dealing with fractures and burns to learning how to look after someone who’s unresponsive, your training will give you the confidence to do the right thing when it really counts. Learning first aid skills could be one of the most valuable things you ever do. This is an incredible opportunity to build your CV, get involved in a team that makes a genuine difference to our community and learn life saving skills for that moment when you need it most.

    • Area of InterestHealth and Social Care, Local Community, Representation, Training
    • Volunteering TypeOn-Going Projects, One-Off Projects
  • St John Ambulance (Newcastle LINKS) - First Aid Community Advocate

    This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

    Newcastle LINKS is the Newcastle University first aid society as well as a unit of St John Ambulance. As a member of the society, you can apply to become an ‘first aid community advocate’ with our St. John Ambulance unit. As a St John Ambulance Community Advocate, your will be raising awareness of the importance of first aid within your local area by delivering first aid workshops at community centres, local events and groups. We’ll give you all the training and support you need to help inspire others to acquire first aid skills. No previous experience in first aid is required. Learning first aid skills could be one of the most valuable things you ever do. This is an incredible opportunity to build your CV, get involved in a team that makes a genuine difference to our community and learn life saving skills for that moment when you need it most.

    • Area of InterestEvents, Health and Social Care, Media and Marketing, Training
    • Volunteering TypeOn-Going Projects, One-Off Projects
  • N.E.S.T

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Aug 2020.

    North East Solidarity and Teaching (N.E.S.T) is a Newcastle University Students Union (NUSU) student-run volunteer project (managed by Go Volunteer) which offers amongst other things free English lessons to the refugee community in the region. Through the delivery of these lessons, refugees improve their written and verbal communication skills enabling them to gain necessary language qualifications required to gain employment in the UK. Boosting their confidence empowers them to integrate themselves into the local community, reducing the stigma and prejudice from existing residents. There are 6 strands to the project and activities take place almost everyday of the week. This is Go Volunteers largest project with more than 300 students volunteering on it last year. It is also one of the easiest to get involved with.

    • Area of InterestEducation, Homelessness and Vulnerable People, International and Languages, Mentoring, Befriending and Advocacy
    • Volunteering TypeOn-Going Projects
  • PALS Project

    This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

    The PALS project was set up by the school of psychology to help try and ease the transition of pupils from school to university consisting of several interactive presentations which served to boost student’s mental resilience. Increased mental resilience is often seen to lower levels of anxiety and increase low mood. Since these first sessions the programme has been developed to boost the resilience of year 12 students irrespective of whether they will be going to university or not. The project now consists of 3 sperate 1 hour presentations (resilience skills, resilience in learning and resilience in every day life) which are usually delivered in a 3 hour slot to groups of around 40 year 12 students. The main bulk of this role would be in the delivery of these sessions as part of a small group to year 12/13 students (and potentially university students) across the north east. This role may also involve the helping of developing new ideas and concepts for the sessions to improve them and address them to different groups of students. For this role applicants need to have • A high level of interpersonal skills to engage with the students • Ability to communicate well with others in a team • The ability to think critically about information presented and to evaluate its usefulness

    • Area of InterestChildren and Young People, Education, Health and Social Care, Mental Health
    • Volunteering TypeOn-Going Projects
  • Newcastle Food Co-op Volunteer

    This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

    Newcastle Food Co-op is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run stall selling nutritious, affordable, vegetarian food on Newcastle University Campus. Our aim is to help students realise that healthy eating doesn't need to be expensive or complicated. We order the food from Suma, an ethical wholesaler, and members get to make personal orders. We also have bi-weekly meetings and 'Pot Luck Meals' where everyone brings along a dish based on a specific theme and we have a meal together. As we are a co-operative, every member has an equal say in decision making. We have a variety of interesting volunteer roles available and are always looking for new ideas on how we can improve.

    • Area of InterestCampaigning, Health and Social Care, Local Community
    • Volunteering TypeOn-Going Projects, One-Off Projects
  • Stu Brew

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Oct 2018 and 30 Apr 2020.

    Stu Brew is Europe's first ever student-run microbrewery, and we're really proud of it. The brewery runs as a social enterprise managed by students from Newcastle University, delivering a clear sustainability message to the student community and the wider public, as well as keeping the union stocked up on decent booze. Stu Brew has its own society which not surprisingly is one of the fastest growing at the university, the beer tasting sessions have been particularly popular.... You can be involved in every aspect of the business, from label design to sourcing great hops, and from online promotion to bottling up the finished product. Contact us for further info on individual roles.

    • Area of InterestBusiness and Leadership, Local Community, Media and Marketing, Outdoors, Environment and Conservation
  • Team Kenya

    This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

    Team Kenya is a Newcastle-based charity, operating in Ndhiwa, a rural area in western Kenya. We involve entire communities in Western Kenya in gender equality, so that girls and women in rural Kenya can create their own bright futures. We work with local primary schools, and the whole community that surrounds them to tackle the barriers that prevent girls from accessing quality education. We do this by working towards our three key priorities: 1. Girls Education - Girls gain access to and attain a good quality education and have relevant skills and knowledge to fully participate in economic social and cultural life. 2. Economic Empowerment and Food Security - Families have improved food security and develop sustainable economic enterprises to support girls. 3. Girls Equality and Safety - Girls and young women are equal and respected members of society who are safe at home, in school and in their community. Our work focuses on girls and women, as they are particularly marginalised in the communities we work with. Fewer than 15.7% of girls continue into secondary education, 32% of girls experience sexual violence and 57% physical violence. We are looking for energetic and motivated people to join our team of passionate volunteers. We have volunteering opportunities through our society at Newcastle University, who organise fundraising and awareness events to enable our work to reach more people. We also have volunteering opportunities at our office in the centre of Newcastle, where you will complete tasks relating to project management, fundraising administration or marketing and communications! We also offer opportunities to travel to Kenya in order to see the impact that you volunteering has had, or to take part in one of our incredible overseas challenge events (climbing Mount Kenya or cycling alongside giraffe and elephants).

    • Area of InterestEvents, Fundraising, International and Languages, Media and Marketing
  • Study Support Group

    This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

    This year we're running an exciting new project working with a secondary school in Gateshead, where student volunteers visit once a week and give one to one study support to children at the school. Perfect for those with a passion for teaching, the children will either be studying for their GCSE's or A-Levels and volunteers will be matched up depending on their own degree/A-Level subject. We are particularly keen to hear from students who have studied mathematics to a high level. The project will take place in a classroom so volunteers will gain realistic teaching experience, and they'll spend the session giving one to one study support to the children. The children and school will provide the learning materials - no need to bring your own.

    • Area of InterestChildren and Young People, Education, Local Community, Mentoring, Befriending and Advocacy
  • Junk Music

    This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

    In this new project, student volunteers work with children (some of whom will have a disability) at a local community centre and help them to make musical instruments out of regular everyday items which would otherwise be thrown away. The project will run for approximately 8 weeks, and end with a musical performance by the group using the instruments they have made. Volunteers are needed to help run the sessions which will be led by an expert facilitator. The sessions will be very hands on and interactive and must also be fun as well.

    • Area of InterestArts, Music and Culture, Children and Young People, Disability, Education
  • Micro Volunteering - Project Lead

    This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

    You may have seen a number of crafty micro volunteering projects happening around campus this year. These activities have included Wiggly Bags making small bags to be donated to the RVI hospital, Post pals writing letters to ill children and Bracelets for Kenya making friendship bracelets for young girls in rural Kenya. If you would like to lead this project we want to hear from you. Have you got some ideas on how to develop these projects or have you got any other micro volunteering ideas? You would be perfect for the role!

    • Area of InterestArts, Music and Culture, Events
    • Volunteering TypeOn-Going Projects, One-Off Projects
  • Nightline

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Oct 2020.

    Nightline is our confidential and anonymous support service run by students for the benefit of students. Lines are open from 8pm – 8am every night during term time. Need someone to talk to about any issues or upsets, from missed deadlines to mental health struggles? Nightline is a safe place to talk about all your troubles or just a friendly ear to listen. Our team of sensitive and proactive student volunteers help the wider student community by managing Nightline. As a Nightline volunteer, you will develop active listening skills, empathy, patience and gain a greater insight into student welfare. For those of you who enjoy and thrive in this environment, you get the chance to apply for a committee position at the end of the year. This position is extremely rewarding as well as providing great experience which will really enhance any CV!

    • Area of InterestHomelessness and Vulnerable People, Mental Health, Mentoring, Befriending and Advocacy
  • Watch Your Head

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Oct 2020.

    University can be stressful. Sometimes all you want to do is binge on Netflix and have a 1358 hour nap. Deadlines and commitments can make those wishes not always possible. But fear not. You still deserve a break from university and life’s demands now and again. This is where Watch Your Head comes in. We are a student led project who deliver wellbeing workshops and aim provide a safe space for anyone to unleash their stress, boost their wellbeing and acquire new skills to help manage their stress effectively. If you fancy unleashing your inner Picasso or simply just want to delve in a new hobby, we run art & creativity workshops in the Hatton Gallery with different themes each session. We also lead various non-competitive sports and running sessions aimed at all levels of fitness. If you simply just want to chat and learn more information on how best to utilise your stress, we also provide peer support sessions and various relaxing stress-relief activities. Watch Your Head simply wants to help you manage stress in a more creative and positive way whilst also giving you the chance to uncover new skills and an opportunity to meet like-minded people. Everyone is welcome to come along to the sessions and they are all free of charge! They are not designed to provide therapy but aim to create a therapeutic experience in which you can learn new skills, release stress and help boost your wellbeing. The dates, times and location of the workshops will be released on the Go Volunteer calendar in a few weeks so look out for those if you are interested in coming along! If you are keen to get involved and would like to volunteer for Watch Your Head, please get in touch and have a browse through the available roles. All volunteers are required to complete the mandatory training which will be run in October. All Watch Your Head Workshops can be found on the 'One off Projects' page https://www.nusu.co.uk/volunteering/events/ . No need to sign up and all activities are free.

    • Area of InterestHealth and Social Care, Mental Health, Sport
  • Cockle Park Farm

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Oct 2020.

    Go Volunteer has its very own site at bonny Cockle Park Farm near Morpeth, a haven for fresh fruit, fresh veg and fresh air. As well as giving produce to volunteers, we also take donations for produce at the Students' Union, with any profits going back into the project, to buy new seeds and tools. Volunteers have the opportunity to escape city life, learn about growing and marketing fresh produce, managing a market garden and crop rotation. This year we will be doing more on our Rooftop Garden on campus however we will still be growing soft fruits and hops at the farm and will need help several times over the year.

    • Area of InterestHealth and Social Care, Outdoors, Environment and Conservation
  • Ruperts Wood

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Oct 2020.

    For over 20 years, Go Volunteer has enjoyed a close link with Rupert’s Wood in Otterburn, welcoming thousands of volunteers, children, and vulnerable adults to learn how to care for the natural world. We’ve aimed to create a safe and accessible place where children and young people can explore and discover trees, bugs and themselves through play, guided investigation and conservation. Get involved with the city’s youngsters and help to create a fun and educational experience. Our day trips and camps revolve around fun, mud and learning new things. Rupert’s Wood residential are planned by volunteers and Go Volunteer staff alongside the young people wherever possible, ensuring that each visit suits the needs of the children involved. To prepare the wood for residentials there are conservation tasks which need to be done throughout the year, so we are always looking for new volunteers to join the group.

    • Area of InterestChildren and Young People, Outdoors, Environment and Conservation
  • Cookie Club

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Oct 2024.

    Volunteers run a weekly arts and crafts club at the Nunsmoor Centre in Fenham. They're responsible for planning the content of the session and delivering them to children who attend from the local area. The children are aged 12 and under and are not necessarily born in the UK. This is a very multicultural area of Newcastle and the centre works a lot with asylum seekers and refugees in the area. Sessions focus on getting the children to express themselves creatively and develop their artistic side, and they should also be fun and enjoyable. Basically, the children shouldn’t feel like they are in a class at school. Each week could have a different them and session planned for Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc. If you're an art-lover, we want to hear from you.

    • Area of InterestArts, Music and Culture, Children and Young People
  • Beekeeping

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Oct 2020.

    NUSU has bees on and off campus, and throughout summer you can take part in helping look after them. We also link up with other beekeeping folk and pollinator-friendly community projects across Newcastle to do our best to keep the stripy things abuzz.

    • Area of InterestAnimals, Outdoors, Environment and Conservation
  • INTOgration

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Aug 2020.

    INTOgration is a conversation group set up to help international students improve and practise their conversational English whilst learning about British culture, regional dialects, colloquialisms, idioms and lots more! Our ultimate aim is to help these students confidently integrate into both the Newcastle University community and the local Newcastle community. The sessions are informal and relaxed which is why we encourage students to join us for a cuppa. What is more British than having a chat over a cup of tea? Sessions will take place on campus in the INTO building every Wednesday 5pm- 6pm. We then hold a 30 minute meeting to plan the next session. As a volunteer, you will help to create content for sessions, teach the content to students, converse with students and help out with activities during the sessions. Volunteers must be native or fluent English speakers. The project is led by student volunteers. We are also looking for committed volunteers who we can mentor to take over the project in September 2019.

    • Area of InterestEducation, International and Languages
  • Newcastle Uni Boob Team

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Aug 2020.

    Uni Boob what? We are ambassadors for CoppaFeel! – a charity who are on a mission to ensure all breast cancers are diagnosed at their earliest stage, giving everyone the best possible chance of surviving the illness. CoppaFeel! are always on the hunt for ambassadors to join the Uni Boob Crew and help us spread the word on campus. This might mean hijacking the showers in your gym with sneaky boob-checking reminders or throwing an epic club night takeover. Think you’re up to the challenge? Get in touch

    • Area of InterestEvents, Media and Marketing
  • Mural Project

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Oct 2020.

    We are looking for a student to lead on a new art project where volunteers will link up with community groups in Newcastle and Gateshead, working with them to design and paint a mural. This is a project which we ran a few years back and was always very popular with previous groups completing artistic masterpieces at various community centres, museums, schools and youth clubs throughout the city. Recently we have been approached by a couple of groups keen for us to resurrect the project so we said why not! As the lead you will not only be involved in the design and painting of the mural you will also supervise the volunteers and liaise with the community groups and Go Volunteer staff. Although it would be nice you do not have to be an amazing artist yourself as we are confident we can recruit other student volunteers from design and fine art courses.

    • Area of InterestArts, Music and Culture, Local Community
  • IT on the Move

    This opportunity takes place between 01 Aug 2018 and 01 Aug 2020.

    IT on the Move is a project based on inclusion and education for older people. Volunteers aren’t expected to be computer wizards, but basic IT skills, enthusiasm and patience are essential. There are two separate projects; The Crack I.T. Group and the Tech Tea Party. Whilst they take place in seperate locations and will involve working with different people, the projects are very similar. The Crack I.T. Group and Tech Tea Party The Crack I.T. Group and Tech Tea Party have been designed to be accessible to over 55’s who have an interest in learning the very basic IT skills necessary to use their own equipment. Volunteers will work with the older people and help them to navigate around programmes/ apps, show them how to access and search the internet, explain what WIFI & Mobile data is and how to use it, show them how to send and receivie emails, how to use the camera and store photographs, set up and use platforms such as Facebook, Facetime and Skype. Both projects aim to promote older peoples full inclusion in society by supporting them to learn new skills and discover ways in which they can use technology. If you would like to take on more responsibility there are opportunities to become a project lead. This will involve you liasing with schools, deciding dates for the visits and coordinating the other volunteers.

    • Area of InterestOlder People
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