Club & Societies Fair

19 - 21 September (10am - 4pm)

This is your chance to start your University experience off in the best way possible by joining our Societies and Sports Clubs. During our 3-day-long Clubs and Societies Fair this September, you'll be able to browse all the Club & Societies stalls, and find out more!


The Fair takes place across two locations. Join our Societies in 'Venue' (lower level of the Students' Union building). Join our Sports Clubs at Newcastle University Sports Centre (a short walk north of our campus).

Venue (Maps) Sports Centre (Maps)


Which Clubs & Societies are coming to which day?


All Clubs will be present at the Clubs Fair at the Sports Centre 11 - 4.


Due to capacities, Societies are divided up into 3 days for the Societies Fair in Venue (Lower level of the Students' Union) each day, 11 - 4.

The following Societies will be doing showcases throughout the day:

  • 11:00  - Feminist Society
  • 11:45 - Bollywood Dance Society
  • 12:30 - Salsa Society
  • 13:15 - Wind band Society
  • 14:00 - Hindu & Sikh Society
  • 14:45 - We are Doners Society
  • 15:30 - Drag Society

Below are the ones coming to Sunday's Slot:

  • Academic Medicine Society
  • Afro Caribbean Society
  • Anesthetics and Critical Care Society
  • Art Society
  • Bar Society (Law) Society
  • Biosci Society
  • Bollywood Dance Society
  • Book Club Society
  • Brunei Society
  • Cardiovascular Society
  • cheese and wine Society
  • Chinese Students & Scholars Society
  • Classics Society
  • Commercial Awareness Society
  • Computing & Technology Society
  • Consulting Society
  • Dermatology Society
  • Drag Society
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • Equal Opportunity Society
  • Fellwalking Society
  • Feminist Society
  • Film Society
  • General Practice Society
  • Genshin Society
  • HIIT the Park
  • Hindu & Sikh Society
  • Indonesian Society
  • Investment Society
  • Jewish Society
  • Karaoke Society
  • Lifestyle Medicine Society
  • Llama, Alpaca & Goat Society
  • Malaysian Society
  • Marrow Society
  • Marxist Society
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Society
  • Newcastle First Aid Society
  • Newcastle Medical Women's Federation
  • Nutritank
  • NUTS
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society
  • Paediatrics Society
  • People & Planet Society
  • Persian Society
  • Physics Society
  • Polish Society
  • Politics Society
  • Radiology Society
  • Running Club Society
  • Salsa Society
  • Scrapbooking Society
  • Sexpression Newcastle
  • Singapore Society
  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  • Students for Global Health
  • Students for Kids International Projects (SKIP)
  • Sustainable Medics Society
  • We are Donors Society
  • Windband Society


All Clubs will be present at the Clubs Fair at the Sports Centre 11 - 4.


Due to capacities, Societies are divided up into 3 days for the Societies Fair in Venue (Lower level of the Students' Union) each day, 11 - 4.

The following Societies will be doing showcases throughout the day:

  • 11:00  - Music Society
  • 11:45 - Anglo Japanese Society
  • 12:30 - Christian Union
  • 13:15 - Scout & Guide Society
  • 14:00 - TEDx Society
  • 14:45 - Pole & Aerial Society

Below are the ones coming to Monday's Slot:

  • Accounting and Finance Society
  • Anatomy Society
  • Anglo Japanese Society
  • Baking Society
  • Biology Society
  • Board games Society
  • Bulgarian Society
  • Caledonian Society
  • CEG(Civil Engineering & Geomatics) Society
  • Chess Society
  • Combined Honours Society
  • Debate Society
  • Disability and neurodiversity Society
  • Economics Society
  • Emergency Medicine Society
  • Enactus Society
  • Extinction rebellion Society
  • Feminist English Society
  • Figure Skating Society
  • Green society
  • Hispanic Society
  • History Society
  • Innovation leadership in med Society
  • International - Intercultural Society
  • Kuwait Society
  • Labour Society
  • Latin and Ballroom Society
  • Law Society
  • LGBTQ+ Society
  • Maths Society
  • Mauritian Society
  • Mind the gap
  • Music Society
  • Newcastle Haematology, Oncology and Pathology Society
  • Newcastle Student Orchestra and Choir
  • Newcastle University Psychiatry (NUPsych)
  • Non-league football Society
  • NU Christian Union
  • NU Social Tennis
  • NUTS (theatre Society)
  • Ophthalmology Society
  • Pakistan Society
  • Palliative Care Society
  • Photography Society
  • Planning Society
  • Pole and Aerial Society
  • Psychology Society
  • Raising & Giving (RAG) Society
  • Scout and Guide Society
  • Sociology Society
  • South Asian Society
  • Speech and Language Therapy Society
  • Student Brewing Society
  • Surgical Society
  • Team Kenya Society
  • TEDx
  • Thai Society
  • Vegan action Society
  • Wilderness Medics
  • Yoga Society
  • Youth Stop Aids Society


All Clubs will be present at the Clubs Fair at the Sports Centre 11 - 4.


Due to capacities, Societies are divided up into 3 days for the Societies Fair in Venue (Lower level of the Students' Union) each day, 11 - 4.

The following Societies will be doing showcases throughout the day:

  • 11:00  - 20 Minute Society
  • 11:45 - Jazz Orchestra Society (NUJO)
  • 12:30 - Video Gaming & E-Sports Society
  • 13:15 - Catholic Society
  • 14:00 - Music Medics Society
  • 14:45 - Islamic Society
  • 15:30 - A Cappella Society

Below are the ones coming to Tuesday's Slot:

  • 20 Minute Society
  • A Cappella Society
  • Agricultural Society
  • Anime Society
  • Arab Society
  • Archaeology Society
  • Bee Society
  • Black canvas Society
  • Business (BUSSOC) Society
  • Catholic Society
  • Chemical Engineering Society
  • Comedy Society
  • Conservative Society
  • Creative writing Society
  • Cyber Society
  • Engineering Projects Society
  • Fashion Society
  • Friends of MSF Newcastle
  • Geography Society
  • Gilbert & Sullivan Society
  • Greek and Cypriot Society
  • Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service
  • Indie Society
  • Infectious Diseases Society
  • Irish Dance Society
  • Islamic Society
  • It Happens Here Society
  • Jazz Orchestra Society
  • Leadership Society
  • Lithuanian Society
  • Mechanical Engineering Society
  • Modern Languages Society
  • Munsoc
  • Musical Medics Society
  • Newcaslte KPOP Society
  • Neurological Society
  • Nu:KEM (Chemistry) Society
  • Orthosoc Society
  • Pharmacy Society
  • Pilates Society
  • Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Society
  • Pokemon Society
  • Poker Society
  • Postgraduate Research Community Society
  • Racial Equality in Medicine Society
  • Rock Society
  • Rounders Society
  • Saudi Students Society
  • Sports and Exercise Medicine Society
  • Swing Dance Society
  • Table Top Society
  • Tamil and Malayali Society
  • Teddy Bear Hospital Society
  • Turkish Society
  • Video Gaming & Esports Society
  • Wet Soc (Marine Tech) Society
  • Zumba Society



Virtual Fair

19th - 21st September

if you're not able to attend our Fair in person, we have virtual sessions running throughout the same period. Our Clubs will be live 11am-4pm throughout the 3 day Fair, and our Societies have 1 day slots throughout. Checkout the timetable below and get chatting.






Tuesday (11am-4pm) 20 Minute Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) A Cappella Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Accounting and Finance Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Afro-Caribbean Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Amnesty International  


Zoom Meeting ID: 814 7180 1303

Passcode: 303895


Meeting ID: 810 2455 6001

Passcode: 321931

Sunday (11am-4pm) Anaesthetics and Critical Care Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Anatomy Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Archaeology Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Art Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Baking Society Passcode: 479101 Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Bar Society (law)   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Bee Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Biology Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) BioSci Society Passcode: biosci Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Board Games Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Bollywood Dance Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Book Club Society   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Club Passcode: QKjQ46 Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Brunei Newcastle Society Passcode: 0KhEp5 Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Bulgarian Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) CathSoc (Catholic Society)   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Caving Club Passcode: password Zoom Meeting ID: 622 263 7959
Monday (11am-4pm) CEG(Civil Engineering & Geomatics)   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Chemical Engineering Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Christian Union   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Combined Honours Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Comedy Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Computing & Technology Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Creative Writing Society (Cresoc)   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Cyber Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Debate society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Drag Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Economics Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Emergency Medicine Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Enactus Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Engineering Projects Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Engineers Without Borders   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Equestrian   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Fashion Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Fellwalking Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Feminist Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Figure Skating Society   Zoom Meeting ID: 850 512 9793
Sunday (11am-4pm) FILM-SOC   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Friends of MSF   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) General Practice Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Genshin Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Geography Society   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Golf club Passcode: 7zMF2w Zoom Meeting ID: 742 0507 7037
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Greek and Cypriot Society of Newcastle   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Hindu and Sikh Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Hispanic Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) History Society   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Ice Hockey Club Passcode: 519535 Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Indie Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) International Society (INSOC)   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Irish Dance   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Islamic Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) It Happens Here   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Karaoke Society   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Kendo Club Passcode: 588880 Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Korfball Club   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) K-pop Society   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Lacrosse Women's Club Passcode: NUWLC Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Latin and Ballroom Society   Zoom Meeting ID: 856 2843 0211
Monday (11am-4pm) Law Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Leadership Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) LGBTQ+ Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Lifestyle Medicine   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Lithuanian Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Malaysian Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Marrow Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Marxist Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Medical Engineering Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Medical Women's Federation   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Men’s Basketball   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Men's Football Passcode: NUAFC2122 Sunday Link Monday Link Tuesday Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Mens Futsal Club Passcode: 5151 Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Men's Lacrosse Passcode: 40157122 Zoom Meeting ID: 859 8824 5911
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Modern Languages Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Music Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) NCL Mergers & Acquisitions Group   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle Kings Dodgeball Passcode: Dodgeball Sunday Link Monday Link Tuesday Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle Nothern Angels Cheerleading   Zoom Meeting ID: 894 4590 2973
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle Uni Jiu Jitsu Club   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Archery Club Passcode: 329971 Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Athletics and Cross Country Passcode: 643347 Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Boat Club

Sun Passcode: 513499

Mon Passcode:  167282;

Tue Passcode: 249397

Sunday Link Monday Link Tuesday Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Boxing Club Passcode: Boxing123 Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Canoe Club   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Clay Pigeon Shooting Club Passcode: 796185 Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Climbing Club   Zoom Meeting ID: 890 7595 6046
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Cricket Club Passcode: NUCC Zoom Meeting ID: 339 241 5512
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Cycling Club (NUCC) Passcode: NUCC2122 Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Dance Club Passcode: NUDC Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Darts Society Passcode: 033815 Meeting ID: 873 8789 3723
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Gymnastics Club Passcode: gym Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle university Karate Club Passcode: 12727 Zoom Meeting IDs:
(Sunday) 83524180098;
(Monday) 87069982280;
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Kendo Club Passcode: k3nd0 Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Kickboxing Club Passcode: 431389 Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Kourfball Club   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Ladies Hockey Club Passcode: NULHCff21 Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Netball Club Passcode: NUNC Sunday Link Monday Link Tuesday Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Parachute Club   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Rugby League Passcode: NURL2021 Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Sailing and Yachting Club Passcode: 3672017 Zoom Meeting ID: 852 0907 7816
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Squash Club   (Sunday)
Meeting ID: 830 9359 9159
Password: 7bh52e

Meeting ID: 882 8485 6443
Passcode: Zi5G1G

Meeting ID: 834 9262 5383
Passcode: H7G2qE
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Surf Club Passcode: Tynemouth Zoom Meeting ID: 892 7419 8696
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Table Tennis Club Passcode: NUTTC Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Tennis Club   Sunday Link Monday Link Tuesday Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Triathlon Passcode: TNT2021 Sunday Link Monday Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Volleyball Passcode: 414789 Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Water Polo Club Passcode: NUWPC Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Women's Football Club   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Newcastle University Women's Rugby Club Passcode: 369391 Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Non-League Football Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Nutritank Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Orthopaedic Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Paediatrics Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Pakistan Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Palliative Care Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Persian Society   Zoom Meeting ID: 824 290 8774
Monday (11am-4pm) Photography Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Pilates Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Pole and Aerial Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Polish Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Politics Society   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Polo Club   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Pool and Snooker Passcode: snooker Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Postgraduate Research Community   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Psychiatry Society (NUPsych)   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Psychology Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Racial Equality in Medicine   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) RAG (Raising & Giving Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Rock Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Rounders Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Running Club   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Salsa Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Scout and Guide Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Scrapbooking Society   Morning Link Afternoon Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Sexpression Newcastle   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Ski and Snowboarding Club Passcode: YB7bEt Link
Monday (11am-4pm) South Asian Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Speech and Language Therapy Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Student Brewing Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Student Orchestra and Choir   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Students for Global Health Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Students for Kids International Projects (SKIP)   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Sustainable Medics   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Swimming Team Passcode: 56614290 Zoom Meeting ID: 898 4023 5295
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Table Top Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Tamil and Malayali Society   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) Teddy Bear Hospital Society   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) TEDx Society   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Thai Boxing Club   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Thai Society   Link
Sunday & Monday (11am-4pm) Theatre Society (NUTS)   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Trampoline Club Passcode: 2021 Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Ultimate Frisbee Passcode: Frisbee Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) UNICEF   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Weightlifting and powerlifting club   Link
Tuesday (11am-4pm) WET Soc   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Wilderness Medicine Society   Link
Sunday (11am-4pm) Wind Band Society   Link
Sun-Tue (11am-4pm) Women’s Basketball Club   Link
Monday (11am-4pm) Youth Stop AIDS   Link