@ Luther's Bar

At the Students' Union, you can enjoy food & drink at Luthers' Bar, has re-opened. Turn up, grab a table both indoors or outdoors of up to 6 people, and enjoy a drink, or coffee on campus.

Opening Times

Monday - Friday

OPEN 11am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday


How do I Book?

No need to book a table, just turn up on campus! Please note, when demand is high you will need to vacate the table after 2 hours to give another group a table. When you arrive, you have 2 seating options to choose from:

Luther's Terrace: (also known as the Hope Tent). You can find this suntrap outside the back of the Students' Union where Luther's Bar main entrance is.

Luthers' Bar: Located in the Students' Union, you can grab a table inside as of Monday 17th May!

Covid Rules & Guidance

Download menu here.

Service Details

If you are planning to come along to Luther's Bar, please make yourself familiar with the following service, & covid guidances.

  • Tables are available for a maximum of 6 customers
  • You are required by Law to do a Track & Trace when visiting the bar
  • Please note we are operating a card / contactless only payment method and no cash is accepted
  • To speed up your table order please download the ‘Round App’ onto your mobile device and locate ‘Luthers Bar & Venue’ in advance of visiting us
  • Face coverings are required to be worn properly (secure to face, covering both mouth and nose) at all times within the building, unless you’re exempt
  • Face coverings may only be removed once seated at the table and must be placed back on before going to use toilets/smoking area
  • Face coverings may be removed in the smoking area
  • Mixing/moving between tables is not permitted for any reason
  • NUSU reserves the right, as the operator and manager of Luthers, to cancel or remove any tables for reasons such as adverse weather conditions, a change in government guidelines on  gatherings, lockdown being re-implemented (locally or nationally) or for any other unforeseen circumstances