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NUSU Your Voice is where your voice is heard and where your interests are represented. Whether you want to make a change to NUSU, improve the University or have a positive impact in your local community, we have the contacts opportunities for you.
Your Officers
At NUSU, we live and breathe to represent you! We do this through our team of 6 Sabbatical and 9 Part-time Officers who have been elected to represent you on all aspects of your University experience. Click on the ‘Your Officers’ link above to find out who your officers are and what they want to achieve for you.
Your Reps

At NUSU we also run schemes where you can represent your School & Course, your Local Community and your Halls of Residence. This means that there are always students representing your interests and opportunities for you to become one of our reps. To find out more about the different schemes, how you can get involved and who your reps are, click on the ‘Your Reps’ link above.

Student Council

Finally, make sure you don’t miss Students’ Union Council. This is where the policy of NUSU is decided and big issues are discussed. All students are invited to attend and share their views and opinions. Click on the ‘Student Council' Link above to find out when the meetings will take place and how to get involved.



What's Happening

Help shape the student voice today!
Guinea-pig reading a book.

Your opinions can help NUSU and students at Newcastle, by being a guinea pig and taking part in a one hour trialing session for new activities/resources on the 31st January.

Rep Achievements

Check out how your Academic Reps have been Representing Your Academic Interests at Student-Staff Committee meetings and across the University!

Annual General Meeting 2017

Find out details here.

Nominate now for a 2017/18 Officer position

Nominations are now open for the NUSU Spring Elections. Your chance to be a 2017/18 Sabbatical or Part-time Officer!

Teaching Excellence Framework

The University have produced a student briefing on the Teaching Excellence Framework which covers the key points on what it is an how it could affect you.

Campaigns Fund

Apply for funding to run your own campaign!

TEAs Report

Over the last few months we have been analysing the 2016 TEAs nominations, and have created a report that highlights the key trends that were identified.

What's the Difference Campaign

Check out Chris' first campaign, helping you with the transition to Newcastle University.

Teaching Excellence Awards

Nominate outstanding members of University staff for a Teaching Excellence Award

Christmas Council Results

Find out what happened here.

You Want It, We Got It!

Want to see a change to your Students' Union, your University or your Local Community, then this is the way!

Academic Skills Kit

Check out the University's online Academic Skills Kit (ASK) website

Meet your 16/17 School Reps

Find out who is going to be representing you this year when your faculty makes decisions.