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NUSU Your Voice is where your voice is heard and where your interests are represented. Whether you want to make a change to NUSU, improve the University or have a positive impact in your local community, we have the opportunities for you.
Your Officers
At NUSU, we live and breathe to represent you! We do this through our team of 6 Sabbatical and 9 Part-time Officers who have been elected to represent you on all aspects of your University experience. Click on the ‘Your Officers’ link above to find out who your officers are and what they want to achieve for you.
Your Reps

At NUSU we also run schemes where you can represent your School & Course, your Local Community and your Halls of Residence. This means that there are always students representing your interests and opportunities for you to become one of our reps. To find out more about the different schemes, how you can get involved and who your reps are, click on the ‘Your Reps’ link above.

Student Council

Finally, make sure you don’t miss Students’ Union Council. This is where the policy of NUSU is decided and big issues are discussed. All students are invited to attend and share their views and opinions. Click on the ‘Student Council' Link above to find out when the meetings will take place and how to get involved.



What's Happening

November Council Results!

A 100% pass rate on motions.

Additional Training and Events for Reps

If you are one of our reps, a member of student council or a part-time officer, make sure you check out our series of skills training sessions and events.

You Want It, We Got It!

Want to see a change to your Students' Union, your University or your Local Community, then this is the way!

October Council Results

Find out what passed and what didn't.....

Have your say about the process for submitting assessments in Blackboard
Close-up image of a person using a desktop computer

The Blackboard Strategic Team want to hear your views about how electronic assessment feedback could be improved at Newcastle.

International Student Barometer
International Students on campus

If you are an international student, make a difference by completing the International Student Barometer.

Do you want a week off after January exams?

Your Education Officer, Rowan, is looking to into introducing a week off after January exams. Let us know if you want to see this happen.

NCL+ Award

If you are a rep, or doing any extra-curricular activity, make sure you get your volunteering accredited by completing the NCL+ Award

2017/18 School Reps revealed

Thank you to everyone who applied. We are pleased to announce the successful candidates for 2017/18 School Reps!

Council Dates 2017/18

Put the date in your diary!

Hall Rep Applications Are Open!

Even if you don't know your Halls, get in touch!

Community Rep applications open!

Represent students living in your local area.

Representation Opportunities

The University are looking for students to sit on a number of cross-campus committees during 2017/18 and want you to get involved. Find out here what opportunities are currently available.

Campaigns Fund

Find out how we can help you with the campaigns that you want to run, both financially and practically.

What's the Difference Transition Campaign

Click here for the most up-to-date portfolio of What's the Difference transition resources!

NUSU's ReCap Report Released

Find out what students think of ReCap and how we would like to see it developed in the future.