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NUSU Your Voice is where your voice is heard and where your interests are represented. Whether you want to make a change to NUSU, improve the University or have a positive impact in your local community, we have the opportunities for you.
Your Officers
At NUSU, we live and breathe to represent you! We do this through our team of 6 Sabbatical and 9 Part-time Officers who have been elected to represent you on all aspects of your University experience. Click on the ‘Your Officers’ link above to find out who your officers are and what they want to achieve for you.
Your Reps

At NUSU we also run schemes where you can represent your School & Course, your Local Community and your Halls of Residence. This means that there are always students representing your interests and opportunities for you to become one of our reps. To find out more about the different schemes, how you can get involved and who your reps are, click on the ‘Your Reps’ link above.

Your Student Council

Finally, make sure you don’t miss Students’ Union Council. This is where the policy of NUSU is decided and big issues are discussed. All students are invited to attend and share their views and opinions. Click on the ‘Student Council' Link above to find out when the meetings will take place and how to get involved.



What's Happening

Wellington St Petition

Following March's Student Council, NUSU President, Ronnie Reid, has created a petition to ask the council to protect Newcastle Students and put in place urgent safety measures.

March Council Results!

Find out what happened here....

Apply to be the voice of your School

School Rep applications for 2018/19 are now open. If you are looking for a representative position with a bit more responsibility then make sure you get your application in by 9am 24 April.

Academic Rep Awareness Week 2018: Campaign Summary
Image of five course reps hosting a stall in Claremont Tower.

From the 19th-23rd February, NUSU's Academic Reps promoted their work across campus. Find a summary of the campaign here.

Tuition Fee Review

Earlier this week, Theresa May announced a year-long review of post-18 education. This article explains the background and its potential impact on students.

Training and Events for Student Reps

If you are a Student Rep, make sure you check out some of the training opportunities that we have coming up during semester 2.

Student Rep Awards

Nominate your amazing Student Reps and your favourite Campaigns for the 2018 Student Rep Awards. Nominations close at midday on Tuesday 3rd April 2018.

NUSU's Big Academic Wins

Find out how your NUSU Officers and Academic Reps have been representing you over the last few years.

Grab a voting place at the next Student Council

Do you want to vote on the motions at the next meeting Student Council? Make sure you register for a Casual Place. The deadline is 5pm the Tuesday before the Council Meeting.

National Student Survey Now Open
NSS Logo

If you are final year student, help improve the University experience by completing the National Student Survey

PEC form victory for students with caring responsibilities

Following campaigning from Holly Waddell (NUSU Student Parents, Guardians and Carers Officer), The Courier reports that the University has decided to support PEC form submissions for dependents of student parents, guardians and carers.

Campaigns Fund

Find out how we can help you with the campaigns that you want to run, both financially and practically.

You Want It, We Got It!

Want to see a change to your Students' Union, your University or your Local Community, then this is the way!

Newcastle University cap international students’ work hours

Newcastle University has recently discussed changing its policy regarding employment stipulations for international students holding a Tier 4 visa.

2017/18 School Reps revealed

Thank you to everyone who applied. We are pleased to announce the successful candidates for 2017/18 School Reps!

Council Dates 2017/18

Put the date in your diary!



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