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Academic Reps stand up for your academic interests and create positive changes to your student experience. Through a network of School & Course Reps, overseen by our Education Officer, we listen to students & help make impactful change. Every year, students can apply for these roles, and once elected into the role, will serve as your leading representatives for you to contact about any academic issues you feel students.

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Your Education

Academic Representation is a crucial part to student experience. Our Academic Reps are here to represent your academic interests and work with the University staff to create positive changes. The Reps are lead by your Education Officer, the main representative for institutional and national educational matters.

Education Officer
Postgraduate Officer
End Of Term - PG Officer November 2021

A summary of the work I have done across term 1!

Postgraduate Officer
Term 1 Update from Eleanor, your Postgraduate Officer

A brief update on what I've been up to the past few months!

Postgraduate Officer
Welcoming Postgrads to the start of term and an update on my work

An update on what I have been doing as your postgrad officer so far and some exciting events coming up!