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Academic Reps

Academic Representation is a crucial part to your University and Union experience. Our Academic Reps are here to represent your academic interests and work with the University staff to create positive change for our students. Every year, students can apply for these roles, and once elected into the role, will serve as your leading representatives for you to contact about any academic issues you feel students are facing within certain aspects of the academic experience at the University.

At the School and Institute level, you are represented by Course Reps. They gather feedback about your programme and raise it at the Student-Staff Committee, or SSC (in your School or Institute this might be called a Student Voice Committee, or SVC). These meetings are led by a Student Chair, and sometimes a Student Secretary. At the meeting, Course Reps and staff will work together to address the issues raised. Course Reps should feedback to you on the outcomes of these meetings. 

At the Faculty level, you are represented by School Reps. They attend and give feedback to the Faculty Education Committee (for taught programmes) and the Faculty Postgraduate Research Committee (for research programmes) and also feedback to your SSC.

Find out more about each Rep role and how you get in contact with them below.

The Education Executive Committee is the highest democratic group for educational matters in NUSU. It is lead by the NUSU Education and Postgraduate Officer and attended by your School Reps. Discussions from Ed Exec are put forward in the highest educational meetings at the University, including the University Education Committee where the Education and Postgraduate Officer fight on your behalf.

Want to feedback? You can always contact them via email or through one of their social media channels. All can be found here.

Our School Rep role is the most senior academic student representative position in each School. Your School Rep will attend key faculty meetings and represent the views of students within their School in the aim to make a change and improve the student academic experience.

Want to feedback? At NUSU, we are delighted to announce who has been appointed as a School Rep for 2020/21. These School Reps will play a crucial role in ensuring that the student voice is considered in your shool, throughout your faculty and across the University. You find a full list of School Reps here.

Course Reps are students elected by you to represent the academic interests of the students on their course or programme. They attend Student-Staff Committee (SSC) meetings where they pass on your views to the staff and hopefully help find solutions to the issues that have arisen.

Want to feedback? The quickest way to identify and contact your Course Rep (As well as EDI, & E&S Reps) is via the University App. You can access the app by logging into a cluster room PC on campus or download it from the relevant app store (iTunesGoogle PlayWindows Phone). The 'My School' feature allows you to:

  1. Vote on School/Faculty issues and see the results of the poll.
  2. Contact your course reps directly (this function will be available from 1 November 2020).
  3. View key school contact information such as personal tutors, course reps, and the school office.
  4. View school news and upcoming events/job opportunities.
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Reps are Course Reps who, in addition to their regular duties, take a lead on identifying and raising EDI issues within the School or Institute at the Student-Staff Committee (SSC). These reps are on hand to take feedback on any EDI issues you feel you are facing within your School.
Environmental & Sustainability Reps are Course Reps who, in addition to their regular duties, take a lead on identifying and raising environmental and sustainability issues within the School or Institute at the Student-Staff Committee (SSC).

Download your copy here.

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