School Reps

At the Faculty level, you are represented by School Reps. They attend and give feedback to the Faculty Education Committee (for taught programmes) and the Faculty Postgraduate Research Committee (for research programmes) and also feedback to your SSC.


Academic Representation is a crucial part to your University and Union experience. Our Academic Reps are here to represent your academic interests and work with the University staff to create positive change for our students. Every year, students can apply for these roles, and once elected into the role, will serve as your leading representatives for you to contact about any academic issues you feel students are facing within certain aspects of the academic experience at the University.

Our School Rep role is the most senior academic student representative position in each School. Your School Rep will attend key faculty meetings and represent the views of students within their School with the aim to make a change and improve the student academic experience.

Want to feedback? At NUSU, we are delighted to announce who has been appointed as a School Rep for 2020/21. These School Reps will play a crucial role in ensuring that the student voice is considered in your shool, throughout your faculty and across the University.

Current School Reps

The Education Executive Committee is the highest democratic group for educational matters in NUSU. It is lead by the NUSU Education and Postgraduate Officer and attended by your School Reps. Discussions from Ed Exec are put forward in the highest educational meetings at the university, including the University Education Committee where the Education and Postgraduate Officer fight on your behalf.

Want to feedback? You can always contact them via email or through one of their social media channels. All can be found here.

Become a School Rep

Applications for 2021/22 School Reps are currently closed!

Thank you to everyone who applied for the vacant undergraduate and postgraduate research School Rep positions. We will announce who has been successful in due course.

For the postgraduate taught and any unfilled undergraduate or postgraduate research positions, we will open applications at the start of the new academic year. Get in touch if you would be interested in applying at the start of the new academic year and we can let you know more.

The School Rep role is the most senior academic student representative position in your School. The role is based on attending and representing the views of?your School’s?students at key faculty meetings for the student experience. You also get to work closely with your Head of School, other?School Reps from across the University and us here at NUSU. You can complete the role effectively in less than one hour a week. 

Comments from previous School Reps include: 

  1. “I have loved being a School Rep. It’s opened a lot of doors for me and improved my confidence massively. We really do have an amazing student representation system at Newcastle University and I’m proud to be a part of that.”  

  2. “I have enjoyed seeing the positive impact that the role has upon the School and it has been interesting and rewarding to see changes and improvements being implemented.” 

  3. “I had so much fun in this role and was really well supported”

As a School Rep you would also play a crucial role in helping us at NUSU, and in particular the Education Officer and Postgraduate Officer, with our commitment to support and represent students, particularly during what is likely to be a period of change as we hopefully move back to a more normal University experience. You will also have the opportunity to attend events and develop your skills & knowledge. You could also receive up to £200 worth of vouchers over the year.  

Click here for a full role description and click here for a copy of the current School Rep handbook. 

There are currently no vacancies.

We are particularly keen for students with the following experience, skills and personal traits to apply to become a School Rep:   

  1. Leadership skills 
  2. Communication skills 
  3. The ability to work in a team 
  4. Organisational skills 
  5. Negotiation skills 

Applications to be a School Rep are encouraged from all students. However, we would particularly keen to receive applications from students who have experience in a representative role such as a Course Rep, EDI Rep, Environment & Sustainability, Student Chair or Student Secretary. 

You must only apply for a School Rep role in the School you will you be studying in during 2021/22. 

You may only apply for the level that you will be studying at. You must be registered as a student for the duration of the 2021/22 period and if you are applying for a PGR position you must be actively researching during this time. For example if you are a postgraduate research student in Newcastle Law School then you can only apply for the Newcastle Law School PGR position. 

You can apply as a job share. However, both members of the job share must be in the same School and at the same level of study. 

If your School’s School Rep position is currently filled or you are looking for a less senior representation role, then look out for Course Rep elections. 

  1. Check that the position you are eligible to apply for is available. 
  2. Complete the short registration form when it opens towards the start of the new academic year.  
  3. Following the registration stage, we will invite you to take part in stage 2 of the application where we will ask you to answer a number of questions, from which the successful candidates will be chosen. 
  4. If selected you will be invited to training  

Due to the nature of the School Rep position, the role may be classed as Voluntary Work. Therefore, if you are a Tier 4 Visa holder, if you were to become a School Rep, you should want to log your hours.