Our Priorities

Your academic experience is one of the main reasons why you came to University and at NUSU we want to make sure we represent your Academic Interests during your time studying here.

This year, we will be campaigning to ensure the quality of your teaching and support both online and on-campus, as your academic experience is disrupted by Coronavirus.

We will be pushing for more study spaces, educating you so that you know your rights, and will provide and promote the opportunities to have your voice heard, ensuring you get the most value from your academic experience.

  1. Each year we run The Education Awards, recognising amazing members of staff and highlighting excellent teaching and support.
  2. Our Academic Rep system means that your voice is represented at every level of decision making at the University.
  3. We have made a number of significant changes to your academic experience and these are highlighted in our Big Academic Wins section.
  4. In 2016 we produced our ReCap report which encouraged more academics to use ReCap.
  5. We helped introduce the Safety Net policy.

We know how important your Mental Health and Wellbeing is, and this year, more than ever, we know it is going to be put to the test as we experience a time like no other.

To support you, we will be campaigning throughout the year to create opportunities to improve your mindfulness and positivity. In addition, we will make sure that you are aware of the services that are there to support you and create opportunities to help you support your and mental health. We will also continue to promote good physical and sexual health.

  1. We support Nightline: a confidential and anonymous support service run by students for the benefit of students.
  2. We have dedicated Mental Health and Wellbeing pages on our website and we run Mental Health Mondays on NUSU Instagram.
  3. We have listed a wide range of support services on and off campus for your health and personal safety.

This year we will campaign continue to improve Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). From accessibility both online and on-campus to raising awareness of the issues affecting marginalised and underrepresented student groups we want you to know that we are here for you and that our priority is to keep this at the top of the University’s agenda when planning for this academic year.

To support this priority we will be focusing on working with the different student groups we support, from clubs and societies to our Liberation Officers and EDI Reps to make sure that EDI is considered throughout your student experience.

  1. We have eight Liberation Officers elected by you to represent eight different marginalised student groups. 
  2. We have introduced Inclusive Societies
  3. We have introduced EDI reps as an optional position on Student-Staff Committees
  4. We have webpages dedicated to supporting underrepresented groups. 
  5. To mark World Aids Day 2019, Youth Stop Aids (Ncl) introduced information to support people living with HIV and Aids. 
  6. For Black Lives Matter we wanted to support black students and staff in looking after their wellbeing in the hardest of times. Alongside this, we put together guidance for non-black students on how to be a good ally. 
  7. The Stand up to Racism society was quick to action when racist videos circulated and again when racism towards Eastern Asian students surfaced during the onset of the Coronavirus. 

Staying safe has never been a more pressing issue. Whether you are studying on campus or not, this year we will continue to campaign to keep you safe during your time at University.

In addition to campaigning for a Covid-safe experience, whether it is the effects of Drug and Alcohol, the impact of sexual harassment, violence or hate crimes, we want to make sure that we are tackling the issues and that you know where the support is available should you ever need it.

We will also be working with external organisations such as the local council, so that you know your rights from everything from a night out to living in student accommodation.

  1. If you have experienced or witnessed Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Hate Crime, Discrimination or Bullying we have setup our Report and Support system. 
  2. The Student Advice Centre have listed a wide range of support services on and off campus for your health and personal safety. 
  3. We have provided information so that you Know Your Rights in the Community.  
  4. We have information on our website about Drinking Safely


No current campaigns

Past Campaigns

Black & Blue: Believe me now? (From Isolation)
Raising awareness about how abuse, harassment, and violence are not always visible and is quite often hidden behind closed doors and away from the public eye. However, this doesn’t mean signs should be ignored.

I Need Your Knickers

Shout Up

Financial pressure has always been a key issue for students, but this year more than ever we want to make sure you feel supported. Therefore, throughout 2020/21 we will be campaigning to ensure that you are aware of how to support your finances and we will signpost you to the services that can offer support.

We will also help you to know your rights when it comes to finance, looking for ways to ensure that you get good value for money out of your degree and continue to find you discounts and money-saving tips during your time at University.

  1. We provide student finance advice at the Student Advice Centre. 
  2. We lobbied for a Newcastle University gym membership reimbursement
  3. We asked the University to agree to waive/reimburse 3rd term rent. 
  4. We lobbied the University to buy laptops for students with no access to IT. 
  5. We are now a Real Living Wage employer. 


No current campaigns

Past Campaigns

Student Money Week

Cutting the Costs 2019

Money Matters

The future has never been more uncertain for graduates. Therefore, this year at NUSU we will be campaigning to improve your opportunities to develop graduate skills, the right experience, while promoting opportunities to earn while you learn.

We also want to empower you during your time at Newcastle, providing with the volunteering opportunities to make a difference both at University and out in the local community.

Finally, we want to make sure that you get the recognition your actions and achievements deserve so that you can stand out from the others when applying for your future.

  1. Go Volunteer will help you find the perfect volunteering opportunity. 
  2. We support the Career Development Module
  3. You can gain accreditation and push yourself further through NCL+
  4. Go Volunteer run a Volunteer of the Month award. 


No current campaigns

Past Campaigns

This year, we want to put Decolonising NCL on the University’s agenda. We seek commitments and assurances from the University to move beyond the mere touch up of reading lists and demand to see the practice of decolonisation embedded, at every level of the decision making at the University.

At NUSU we understand Decolonising NCL as the fundamental reconsideration of who is teaching, what the subject matter is, and how it’s being taught. This effort will actively recognise and include the voices of those previously omitted on account of the racist, ableist, transphobic, homophobic and sexist structures of knowledge production and systems of education, shaped by the legacy of colonialism.

To support this priority, we will be developing events and activities over the year to highlight how Decolonising NCL has a wider positive impact on the entire University community.

  1. We had a student vote on whether or not the Armstrong building should be renamed.  
  2. Our Welfare & Equality was part of the University’s Racial Equality Charter group which looked at the BAME attainment gap and, decolonising NCl.  


No current campaigns

Past Campaigns

No current campaigns

From meeting people on your course, to your living arrangements, we want you to feel that you belong at Newcastle University, wherever you are studying.

We will be campaigning to ensure you have the opportunity to makes friends both through the University and through NUSU. We will help you make informed decisions and support you during your time at Newcastle University.

Then, we will work with you and local community to create a sense of belonging and community cohesion between you and your neighbours.

  1. We supported Trick or Treat for the Hungry with?student volunteers who knocked on doors on Halloween to collect donations for food banks.? 
  2. You can access Housing Advice at the Student Advice Centre 
  3. We provide Housing Guides 
  4. You can join Sports Clubs and Societies.  
  5. Go Volunteer support many volunteering projects in the local community. 
  6. We hosted our Student Summit where students representing different groups submitted their ideas to improve the student experience. 
  7. We created the Newcastle University Covid Community Facebook Group. 
  8. We have the Love Newcastle section of the NUSU website. 

To support the Environment and to help tackle the climate emergency, this year we will be developing and campaigning for environment initiatives across the University that show an active desire to become a more sustainable campus.

We will be promoting awareness of and engagement in sustainability-related issues on campus and promoting reducing waste, changing habits and improving ethical behaviour and actions.

  1. Last year’s President, Katie Smyth, gave an overview of the work NUSU is leading on and supporting. 
  2. For 2020/21 we have introduced optional Environmental & Sustainability Reps on SSCs. 
  3. Thanks to pressure from Newcastle Fossil Free, the University has committed to divesting from fossil fuel companies across all funds by 2021. The University’s branch of Extinction Rebellion North East held two ‘die-ins’ on the Newcastle campus and the Northumbria campus during Freshers' Week 2019. 
  4. NUSU Officers and NUSU staff took part in a 30-minute workday solidarity stoppage to coincide with the global school student strike.?