Campaign Priorities.

Each year, our campaign priorities change. After receiving direct feedback from students from the previous academic year, our internal Campaigns Committee outline a new set of priorities which all of our upcomnig campaign-work will fall under. Below are these are what the Students' Union's current campaign priorities are for the 2021-22 academic year. Click on each one to find out more.


Your academic experience is one of the main reasons why you came to University and at NUSU we want to make sure we listen and represent you. 

This year, we will be campaigning to ensure the quality of your teaching and support as your academic experience hopefully returns to some sort of normality. 

We will be pushing to ensure that the University keeps the good things that were introduced due to the pandemic, while promoting the opportunities to have your voice heard so that you have a strong say in how your experience develops.

This year, we will break down the barriers that are there and can stop certain student groups from having the best student experience possible. For this priority we will focus on supporting groups who have been traditionally underrepresented such as International Students. We will look to improve engagement at NUSU and the University in extra-curricular activities, such as getting underrepresented groups involved with sport and improving postgrad engagement.  

We will achieve this by driving engagement and participation through our student groups and encouraging collaboration between these groups and the different NUSU departments. We will also work with the University to review policies and structures.

As Covid Recovery takes shape, at NUSU we want to smooth the transition and provide support across your student experience. 

As the recovery evolves, we will be there for you through the challenges that will arise. Based on your feedback, we will work with and lobby the University for better support and access, and we will ensure that our student groups, such as reps, societies and execs are empowered to develop and deliver the best student experience possible. Finally, we will provide the information you need to make informed decisions.

At NUSU we understand Decolonising NCL as the fundamental reconsideration of who is teaching, what the subject matter is, and how it’s being taught. This effort will actively recognise and include the voices of those previously omitted on account of the racist, ableist, transphobic, homophobic and sexist structures of knowledge production and systems of education, shaped by the legacy of colonialism.

This year we will develop and build on the foundations from the last year, while we will look to continue to raise awareness and work with the University and student groups to generate more pledges from across the community.  

This year we will campaign continue to improve Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). From accessibility both online and on-campus to raising awareness of the issues affecting marginalised and underrepresented student groups we want you to know that we are here for you and that our priority is to keep this at the top of the University’s agenda when planning for this academic year.

To support this priority, we will be focusing on working with the different student groups we support, from clubs and societies to our Liberation Officers and EDI Reps to make sure that EDI is considered throughout your student experience. 

We understand the hardship that students go through during their time at University and how important it is to your University experience to feel financially secure. Over the next year, we want to make sure that that you are aware of the financial support that is available and that you know how to find it. 

We will also help develop your finance skills and help you access a few discounts along the way!

At NUSU we understand that staying safe and feeling safe has never been more campus. Whether you are studying on campus or not, this year we will continue to campaign to keep you safe during your time at University. In addition to campaigning for your safety, we will also continue to develop our harm reduction work. Whatever your background and whether it is the effects of Drug and Alcohol, the impact of sexual harassment, violence, or hate crimes, we want to make sure that we are tackling the issues, signposting you to the right support, and creating a judgment-free culture.

Whether it is at the University, in Newcastle, or across the globe we know how important it is for you to take pride in and support the environment that you live and study in.

The developing climate emergency has meant that creating sustainability has never been more important. At NUSU, we will be promoting awareness of and engagement in sustainability-related issues on campus and promoting reducing waste, changing habits, and improving ethical behaviour and actions. 

We will also be working with community leaders to ensure that your experience of student housing and living in Newcastle is as good as it can be. 

We know how important your Mental Health and Well-being are, and we know it is going to be put to the test as we start the process of recovering from Covid.  

To support you, we will be campaigning throughout the year to create opportunities to improve your mindfulness and positivity. In addition, we will make sure that you are aware of the services that are there to support you, while we will support you to support your mental health. 

This year at NUSU we will be campaigning to improve your opportunities to develop graduate skills, gain the right experiences and promote those all-important opportunities to earn while you learn.

We also want to empower you during your time at Newcastle, providing with the volunteering opportunities to make a difference both at University and out in the local community. Finally, we will ensure that you get the recognition your actions and achievements deserve.