What is Student Council?

Student Council is NUSU’s highest student representative body that gives you and all the students of Newcastle University a say on what your Students’ Union should be focusing on and how it’s run. By coming to Council, you can be involved in deciding the work NUSU does, such as major issues we raise to the University, the campaigns we run or the events we support!

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Chair of Council
Stephen Dawes

Hello there. I’m Stephen, Chair of Council for 2019-20. I’ll be chairing NUSU Student Council meetings and managing a number of exciting debates. I will also be promoting NUSU, specifically focusing on advertising Student Council in order to encourage greater student engagement by making council more open and accessible to everyone.

What's Happening

NUSU Student Council - 2020/21 Dates revealed

Find out when Student Council will be taking place this academic year.

What happened at the last Student Council of the Year
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Find out which motions passed at the virtual Student Council meeting on 7 May.

Indicatively Vote on the Council Motions

Even if you can't attend Student Council, you can indicatively vote on the motions, so that those who are voting at the meeting have a sense of how you would like the vote to go.

NUSU Online Council, 7th May, 5.15pm
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We can’t cancel democracy!