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Student Council is key to decision making at NUSU, and it’s where you get to help shape how your Students’ Union is run. Not only does Student Council decide some of the campaigns and events that we run and support, but it’s also where we decide you can change our policies, our constitution, or the major issues we raise to the University! You can also keep up-to-date with what your elected NUSU Officers are up to and scrutinise the work that they do.  To see what motions have been voted on in the past, or see what motions are currently in discussion, head here.

Student Council takes place six times a year (and currently operating on a virtual basis instead of the usual meetings in the Students' Union). All meetings take place from 5.15 pm on a Thursday and each meeting lasts for around 90 minutes. Click here for a list of times, dates, and locations for this year’s Student Council meetings. 

Council is open for all students to attend and can voice their opinions on the motions - but there is a set amount of formal voting spaces. To find out more about how you can gain a voting place, or if you'd like to see whw holds fixed voting places, head here.

If you have an idea about what NUSU should be focusing on and how we could improve, then make sure you propose a motion. It is really easy to propose your motion and there is also help should you need it. For more information and to propose your motion, head to the Propose a Motion section of the website.

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