New & Previous Motions

Student Council is key to decision making at NUSU, and it’s where you get to help shape how your Students’ Union is run. Motions are what you want to have discussed at Student Council and the changes you are trying to make. Whether it is something you would like NUSU to focus on, such as a Campaign, or a change to NUSU’s constitution. Find out what new and previous motions we have passed (or not) below.

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Open Debates

At the end of every Student Council, we hold an open discussion for Students' to feedback on a pressing topic or interest which helps informs developing ideas for further campaigns, motions, or policy changes. Any one can submit a topic for the open date. Have an idea? Submit your idea here.

Upcoming & Past Motions

Check out what Council motions are coming up below. Motions in green have been passed by Council in an earlier motion, whilst motions in red did not pass. For upcoming motions, they will appear in white, and you have the chance to 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' any current motion to give us some indication of what students feel about what we have coming up.