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    Constitutional Motion on “PART TIME OFFICER (PTO) NAME CHANGE”


      Students Union Notes:

      1. That nine of the sixteen NUSU Officer positions are currently classed as Part time Officers (PTOs).
      2. PTO positions are voluntary roles that are undertaken by current Newcastle University students.
      3. Different PTO positions have different areas of responsibility. The following seven focus on representing marginalised/less well represented groups of students:
        1. Disability Officer
        2. International Students’ Officer
        3. Marginalised Genders Officer
        4. LGBT+ Officer
        5. Racial Equality Officer
        6. Student Parents, Guardians and Carers Officer
        7. Students with Faith or Belief Officer
        8. Commuting Students' Officer


      Whilst the other two positions, Chair of Student Council and Scrutiny Officer, focus on ensuring that NUSU’s democratic structures and processes are effective. 

      Students Union Believes:

      1. That NUSU should enhance the promotion of the work that PTOs do to support marginalised/less well represented groups of students.
      2. That the term Part time Officer can be confusing for students and does not represent the scope and scale of the contribution PTOs make to NUSU and the University.
      3. That those PTOs who focus on ensuring that the democratic structures and processes are effective have a very different remit to those who are representing marginalised/less well represented groups of students.
      4. That for NUSU’s representation structures to be effective; they need to be clear and easily understood.


      Students Union Resolves:

      1. That from 2019/20 the seven PTOs who represent marginalised groups of students are collectively referred to as Liberation Officers.
      2. That from 2019/20 the Scrutiny Officer will be renamed as Chair of Scrutiny.
      3. That the Chair of Scrutiny and Chair of Council will be collectively referred to as the NUSU Chairs.
      4. The Liberation Officers and NUSU Chairs will continue to be elected by cross-campus ballot.
      5. That NUSU will ensure on all officer publicity that Liberation Officers and NUSU Chairs are clearly stated as volunteers.
      6. That the NUSU Chairs will have separate induction training sessions to the Liberation Officers, that is better focused on their governance roles within NUSU.
      7. That from 2019/20 Welfare and Campaigns Executive Committee is renamed Welfare, Campaigns and Liberation (WCL) Executive Committee. At WCL the Liberation Officers would receive support from and report to the committee. WCL would also take the following functions of Officers’ Forum:


      1. To set objectives for Liberation Officers to achieve during their term of office.
      2. To assist in the implementation of the objectives of Liberation Officers.


        Where necessary, NUSU Sabbatical Officers in addition to the Welfare & Equality Officer, will be invited when the items are relevant to their area of work.


      1. That from 2019/20 the remit for Officers’ Forum stated in Committee, Sub Councils and Forums (Annexe C) will be as follows:


        Officers Forum – to be run and convened at least once a month during term time.


      1. Officers’ Forum will have the following primary functions:


        1. To act as a channel of communication between Sabbatical officers, Liberation Officers and NUSU Chairs;
        2. To scrutinise the actions and strategies of the University, and to give guidance and advice to Officers who sit on University committees;
        3. To assist in the implementation of the objectives of NUSU Officers and Chairs.


      2. Officers’ Forum will be chaired by the President, or in their absence, the Chair of Students’ Union Council.
      3. Officers’ Forum will be called no earlier than a week before the following meeting of Student Council.


      1. All other aspects of the roles and the support that Liberation Officers and NUSU Chairs receive would remain as current.
      2. That NUSU’s constitution and supporting documents is updated to reflect these changes.

      Proposed by: Jonny Hall

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