Throughout the January revision and exam period, we are looking into whether the current 15 minute break is adequate within library study spaces across campus. Currently, the library operates by a policy that allows you 15 minutes once you have left your desk, to return before your personal items are removed.

We understand that throughout the busy exam period, free space is limited, but we want to know whether 15 minutes is enough time for students to have an adequate break to eat, get fresh air, or for general stress relief.

In the last NUSU Student Council, a motion was passed to boycott the University into extending this 15 minutes, to 30 minutes and a policy which has been adopted and trailed in the study spaces in NUSU.

However, we know that this may be a contentious topic and therefore we want to continue asking students across campus. Therefore, we are asking you to complete our quick poll (you need to log in to the NUSU website to vote) at the end of this article. Deadline is 26 January. You can also email Sarah with any thoughts on this issue!