Student Elections Glossary.


NUSU Student Elections 

The NUSU Student Elections are run and hosted by Newcastle University Students’ Union as an annual election for all full-time Sabbatical Officer and voluntary Liberation Officer & NUSU Chair roles.  


Each candidate in the NUSU Student Elections can submit a manifesto which comprises of their individual pledges and aims in the event of being elected to the role for which they have nominated themselves for. This manifesto will be published in The Courier and on the NUSU website.  


This is the term used to describe the process of a student putting themselves forward to be an active candidate in the NUSU Student Elections. The nomination period for the 2022 NUSU Student Elections is 10th December 2021 – 10th February 2022.  

Sabbatical Officer or “Sabb” 

Commonly abbreviated, these terms are used for the 7 full-time roles in active permanency at the Students’ Union. The roles are ‘sabbatical’ because those that are elected are in the post for only one year and are re-elected each year. These roles are open to students who will be graduating or who are happy to take a year out of their studies. These roles are paid and work to regular in-office hours at the Students’ Union. 

Voluntary Officer Roles 

These roles are subdivided into Liberation Officers & NUSU Chairs. These roles can only be held by a current student and are completed alongside their studies. The Liberation Officer roles represent various underrepresented student groups on campus and the NUSU Chairs support NUSU’s democratic processes.  

Candidates’ Fair

An opportunity for prospective candidates to come and find out more about the roles available, the elections’ process and speak to some current officers before nominations close. There is an in-person session happening on 18 Jan (5-7pm) in Venue, or an online session running on 27 Jan (2-2.30pm) via Zoom. Find out more on the Candidate Resources page.

Candidates’ Academy 

Candidates’ Academy is the training for all candidates who have nominated themselves for the NUSU Student Elections. This will include information about the rules and regulations, guidance on how to run a successful campaign, and the opportunity to hear from a current Officer on how they won! 

Candidates’ Debates  

The week before Voting Week, candidates can take part in debates hosted by NUSU Student Media in which they take to the stand alongside the other candidates in their ballot. Run by unbiased student ‘moderators,’ questions are directed to the candidates about their aims and objectives outlined in their manifesto, as well as an opportunity for the other candidates to question their competitors. 

Candidates’ Question Time  

At Candidates’ Question Time candidates are offered the chance to take to the stage and introduce themselves and their candidacy. Candidates then can answer questions posed by students. This year’s Candidates’ Question Time is scheduled to take place on 7 March at 12noon, just as voting opens.  

Voting Week 

Between 12noon on 7th March and 12noon on 10th March students can log in to the NUSU website and cast their vote for their preferred candidates. Students will vote using the Single Transferable Vote system and can vote in as many ballots and rank as many candidates as they wish.  

Results Night  

On the night of 11th March, the NUSU Student Elections will be concluded with a Results Night. All candidates, their supporters, and anyone interested can come down to NUSU to see which candidates have been elected into each role.