To officially put yourself forward, you must nominate yourself. You are only able to nominate yourself for one role. Nominations close midday, 10 February 2022, so don't miss your chance.

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With so many roles up for grabs, you might want to find out a bit more about what we have on offer and explore which role would you be best suited for. Check out all the roles below.

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From rules and regulations for the Elections, to support writing your manifesto, head to our Candidate Resources page to swat up on everything elections and who can support you.

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Become one of our paid Sabbatical Officers in the 'Your Voice' department at the Students' Union.



Become one of our paid Sabbatical Officers in the 'Activities' department at the Students' Union.



Become a paid Sabbatical Officer working alongide our 'Support & Advice Hub' here at the Students' Union.



Take on a voluntary role alongside your studies next year and help represent students across Newcastle University campus.

Are you ready?

The Students’ Union is run by students, for students – but how? Every year, we run the Student Elections which consists of students standing for a position, running a campaign to endorse themselves, and getting elected by a student vote.

The elected Officers then go on to get paid to work full-time in the Students' Union for the next academic year. You can run for one of these Sabbatical "Sabb" Officer roles whether you're graduating next year, or happy to defer your studies by one year. If you are studying with us next year, you can also run for one of our voluntary or Chair positions which you take on alongside your studies.

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