Welcome to the NUSU Elections

Looking for a job and want to lead your Students’ Union in 2019/20? Or perhaps you are studying for another year and want a voluntary role, representing your fellow students, whilst gaining skills, experience and references for your future career?

NUSU are running the Spring elections in March 2019. This is your chance to get some amazing experience and be a forefront of student leadership at Newcastle University. If running for a position  is not for you, then make sure you vote – have your say and make sure what matters to you is addressed by NUSU and the University.

Why get involved?

1. Make the Newcastle University experience even better.

This is your chance: What would you do for Newcastle students? 

2. Kick Start Your Career

Start your Career at the top of the tree, not the bottom. Not many graduates can say they are the Director of an organisation with a £4 million turnover within a year of graduating. 



How to get involved

Firstly, you need to decide if you wish to take a year placement/have completed your studies and take up a full time role or if you are studying in 19/20, if it is one of the Part Time roles you wish to fulfil. Then you need to decide which role to run for

To stand in the election, you must complete an official nomination form and come up with some ideas on what you would do if you were successful in the role you are running for (this is called your manifesto)

The nomination is a simple process with basic details, including which position you wish to run for. You also need to submit your manifesto by the same deadline (see below)

The deadline for receipt of your nomination form is Thursday 21st February 2018 



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