Student Elections 2020


Nominations close at midday on February 20th 2020. Every year, NUSU holds a Student Election to determine which students will take on the responsibility and position of our Officer Team. We have 7 paid, full-time Sabbatical Officer positions & 10 voluntary Liberation Officer & Chair positions available for the 2020-21 academic year. From the President of the SU to the Athletic Union Officer, Welfare & Equality Officer to Postgraduate Officer, our full-time positions will become your dedicated job at the Students' Union for the entire 2020/21 academic year.



Officer Videos

Check out what the current Sabbatical Officers had to say about their roles and why you think about nominating yourself to take on their roles from this June.



Most Asked

"I'm not sure if I'll nominate because I don't think I'll win"

If you think this, then this should NOT be a reason not to run - have faith in yourself. This goes through the mind of almost everyone running in the elections every year and the only way you'll ever know if you'll win is by actually running. Every year the results are so hard to call and you'll have a higher chance of winning than you think you do. So we say if you want it, go for it.


"Do I need to have the experience to run?"

Not at all. No experience is necessary, nor will it determine the outcome of the Elections. All you need is passion and a good plan of how to engage with students over the Elections period. If you feel like you'd like to talk to the current Officers about their roles to feel more comfortable about running, you are more than welcome to. Hit them up from their pages, or respond to this email and we will transfer you to the Officer you'd like to chat to.


"How do I write a manifesto?"

Your manifesto is a public declaration of what you aim to do if you are successful in the Elections. We recommend making a list of 3 to 5 main aims you want to achieve and then go back and add a sentence or two under each giving a bit more information. Don't overthink or overcomplicate. You are more than welcome to meet with a current Officer and discuss your manifesto. For more information, head to the Resources page and check out the Candidate's Guide.


"Can I still run if I am an international student and have a student visa?"

International students are eligible to run and can apply for an extension of their Tier 4 visa. If you are elected at the end of your course, and your permission to stay as a student is about to expire, you must apply to extend your stay as a Tier 4 student.

Full guidance for international students can be found on the UKBA website. NUSU will also cover the cost of your visa application.


"I graduated (PG) in December, can I still run for PG Officer?"

If you are in this position, then you may still be eligible. Email who can discuss this you.