Meet your new Officer team of 2019-20. All of these students were elected in as part of the core team at NUSU. 7 of the winners will go on to become your full-time paid Officer team and the remainder acting as voluntary Officr roles representing liberation groups, student council and the scrutiny committee. Since the March election results, we have elected a new role (Commuting Students' Officer) to join next years' team. 

Katie Smyth

Activities Officer
Eleanor Killner

Athletic Union Officer
Joe Gubbins

Editor of the Courier
Grace Dean

Education Officer
Pablo Charro de la Fuente

Postgraduate Officer
Karina Sorrels

Welfare & Equality Officer
Sara Elkhawad

Chair of Council
Stephen Dawes 

Marginalised Genders Officer
Maria Marr

LGBT+ Officer
Tobias Lawrence

Disability Officer
Georgina Corbett 

Racial Equality Officer
Rabeeyah Cheema 

Scrutiny Officer
Alice Fish 

International Students' Officer
Chinyere Emeka

Student Parents, Guardians & Carers Amani Alrossies 

Students with Faith or Belief Officer
Christopher Winter

Commuting Students' Officer
Sian Dickie