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The Elections Process may seem a little daunting but it is easier than you think. The basic process is this:

1.    Download and read the Candidates Guidebook
2.    Submit your nomination form online by 12midnight  on Thursday 21st February 2019
3.    Write a manifesto (training is available if you need it)
4.    Submit your manifesto online by 12midnight  on Thursday 21st February 2019
5.    Attend the candidates academy and any other optional training that may help you
6.    Plan your campaign, this can include a video, social media, posters and flyers but it is up to you what you do (as long as it is within the rules)
7.    Complete and submit a printed publicity form by the set deadline
8.    Complete and Submit a non printed publicity form by the set deadline
9.    Ask lots of people to vote for you from 18th to 21st March 2019


your resources

your guide to the elections

So you have taken the first step to becoming a student officer! Whether you are running for a voluntary position or for one of our full time, paid roles, we are sure you have lots of question that need answering. 

Our NUSU Candidates Guidebook will give you a run down on the roles, what the elections entail, key dates (get them in your diary now) and a summary of the rules.

Below you will find all the resources and help you need, including the guidebook and training. If you ever have any questions, now or throughout the process, you can always email Lindsey at

We hope this guidebook will help you in your campaigning and planning, and if you need anything else, do get in touch with any questions.  You can also access training with the full run down of training on the link below.