Even if you don’t nominate yourself in the elections, it is important that you get involved and vote.

Why Should I Vote?

Voting is your chance to influence so many things that impact upon student life at Newcastle. This affects the way in which you are represented to the University, the Government and other organisations and also the policies, services and operation of the Students’ Union. You may think that you are not involved with NUSU, but most of you are – whether that be through membership of a club or society, as an academic rep, if you have attended a Give It A Go trip or Freshers Week, frequented the Luthers or if you have had an issue you have needed our advice centre to help you with.

Voting is open between 9am on Monday 5th March until 12pm on Thursday 8th March 2018

How Do I Vote?

  1. Use a computer with internet access.
  2. Head to www.nusu.co.uk/vote
  3. Log into the website by using your University username and password (automatic on cluster PCs)
  4. Using the links on the page select "Vote Now" and then click “Start Voting”.
  5. You will then be shown a position and all the candidates, plus two other options, Abstain and R.O.N. (Reopen nominations. This is used if you think that all of the candidates available are unsuitable and that nominations should be re-opened to allow more candidates to run).
  6. Put a “1” in the box next to your first choice of candidate, a “2” by your second and so on, remembering to use RON or abstain if necessary. If you wish to only vote ‘1’ for your first preference, then feel free to do so
  7. Once you are happy with you votes, click the “Vote” button at the bottom. This will record your votes and take you onto the next position up for election. Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 until you have voted on all the positions that you wish to vote on.
  8. Sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you have done your bit to ensure you made the most of your opportunity to choose who represents you. Congratulations!