NUSU By-Election 2018 - Nominate Now

Nominate Now!

To stand for one of the vacant Part-time Officer (PTO) positions, you must complete an official nomination form. Some of the available positions have restrictions on who can apply for specific roles. For example, you need to be an international student to nominate yourself for the International Students Officer. All the vacant positions are available as a job-share. If you are applying as a job-share, each person must submit an individual nomination form and indicate on the form the name of the person they intend to job share with.

The deadline for receipt of your nomination form is 10am Friday 4 May 2018. 

All nomination forms should be submitted online 


As part of your nomination, you are required to submit at least one manifesto. Your main manifesto needs to be no more than 200 words. This manifesto is for inclusion in The Courier and must be in the form of a Microsoft Word document. Please type in Times New Roman, size 12 font and please save your manifesto as your NAME, POSITION you are standing for and the word MANIFESTO.

In your manifesto you should make it clear why students should vote for you and why you believe you’d be the right person for the position you are nominating yourself for. Your manifesto must be submitted separately to your nomination form via email ( and the deadline is 10am Friday 4 May 2018.

You can also submit a second manifesto that would be published on the NUSU website. This manifesto can be up to 500 words which may include the use of images, videos or any other contents which may be reasonably included in a NUSU web page.  Again, this manifesto should be emailed to by 10am Friday 4 May 2018. Please note: if you do not submit a second manifesto, we will use your 200 word manifesto for the website.

When writing your manifesto:

  • Ensure you don’t write anything which isn’t true. Avoid statements such as ‘I am the best for the job’ or ‘I will’ – use ‘I believe I am the best for the job’ or ‘I aim to’.
  • Avoid writing one long paragraph. It is much better to use a series of short paragraphs of one or two sentences. You may also use bullet points, capital letters, bold fonts and italics.

Alongside your manifesto, you must also submit via-email ( a passport sized photograph of yourself. Please try to ensure this is against a white background and of a high resolution, as it will be displayed in The Courier and on the NUSU website.