The Elections Process may seem a little daunting but it is easier than you think. The basic process is this:

  1. Download and read the Candidates Guidebook (coming soon!)
  2. Submit your nomination form online by 12pm on Thursday 15th February 2018
  3. Write a manifesto (access advice on this from the candidates resources area)
  4. Email your manifesto and a photograph to by 12pm on 15th February
  5. Attend the candidates academy on Saturday 17th February 11am-3:30pm or if you cannot attend this, one of the compulsory sessions the following week
  6. Plan your campaign, this can include a video, social media, posters and flyers but it is up to you what you do (as long as it is within the rules)
  7. Complete and submit a printed publicity form by the set deadline
  8. Complete and Submit a non printed publicity form by the set deadline
  9. Ask lots of people to vote for you from 5th – 8th March 2018