Do you want to lead get more involved in your Students’ Union and represent your fellow students? 

NUSU are currently electing, the following Part Time, voluntary roles for officers in 2018/19. These roles are fulfilled by current students who do this alongside their studies.

  • Chair of Student Union Council

Leads and chairs Union Council, held 6 times per year and trains new councillors, alongside the Education Officer.  Job description

  • Marginalised Genders Officer

Must self identify as belonging to a maginalised gender.  Ensures that issues concerning discrimination against marginalised genders are accurately represented within the Students’ Union, and within and to external structures i.e. the University and NUS.  Job description

  • International Students’ Officer

Must be an international student – Works with the Welfare & Equality Officer and University in issues affecting international students and is a member of the University’s Diversity Consultative Group.  Job description

  • LGBT+ Officer

Must self identify as LGBT+.  Represents the interests of LGBT+ students within the Students’ Union and NUS Structures and convenes the LGBT Forum at least once per term.  Job description

  • Racial Equality Officer

Must self identify as a person of colour.  Promotes anti-racism/racial equality on campus through campaigns, liaising with the University and NUSU and convenes the Racial Equality Forum at least once per term.  Job description

  • Scrutiny Officer

Responsible for looking at minutes of the NUSU operational group and convening and chairing Disciplinary Committee and Scrutiny Committee.  Job description

  • Students with Disabilities Officer

Must self identify as having a disability.  Responsible for representing students with disabilities in the Students’ Union, the University, NUS and other appropriate organisations and coordinates students with disabilities’ campaigns.  Job description

  • Student Parents, Guardians and Carers Officer

Must self identify as a parent, guardian or carer.  Convenes and chairs the Students Parents, Guardians and Carers Forum at least once per term and works with the Welfare & Equality Officer, the University and external organisations on issues that affect student parents, guardians and parents.  Job description

  • Students with Faith and Belief Officer

Must self identify as holding a faith or belief.  Actively seeks feedback from students with a faith or belief and act as their representative voice and maintains awareness of national campaigns and events relevant to those they represent, supported by the Students’ Union.  Job description