Election Resources

This page is crammed full of resources to help current candidates make sense of the elections process, as well as providing all the information required to support through the process. Check out the Student Elections timeline, submit a question to the team, or browse our Digital Campaign Tips and common Key Questions.


Election Rules

To ensure the NUSU Student Elections are free and fair, they are goverened by a series of rules and regulations, which you can find here. All candidates should be familiar with the rules and regulations and we will go through these at Candidates' Academy. However, if you had a question or wanted to know more, feel free to email or organise a one-to-one drop-in with George.

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Publicity & Budgets

This year all your Student Election campaigning will need to be online. Find out what you need to submit to have your publicity approved and what budgets are available to support your campaign.

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Welfare Support

Here are some hints and tips to help you look after yourself during the NUSU Student Elections. Don’t forget, you can also book a welfare 1-1 with Kay by emailing her here.

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Campaign Videos

Get inspired, but stay safe. You can head to our YouTube playlist below and check out all of last year's videos for some inspiration.

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IMPORTANT: Please be aware of copyright music as this may cause your video to become blocked or muted from social media (most notably facebook) and YouTube. Please ensure that you research your music choice and guidance around using copyrighted music.


Digital Campaign Tips

NUSU's Digital Team have put together some advice and tips about building and launching your campaign on a digital platform. This includes some handy tips on your creative design work, as well as advice around filming your video.

Need to ask a question about your digital campaign, then drop them a message.

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    Campaign Video Submission

    17th February 2021, midday

    If you choose to create a campaign video to endorse yourself and would like it promoted to students as part of NUSU's Student Elections promotions (emails, social media & YouTube), you have until this date to submit your video.

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    Online Publicity Deadline

    24th February 2021, 10am

    All candidates are permitted to use publicity to support their election campaign. To do so, every candidate must fill in a Online Publicity Form. This should outline any paid online promotion you wish to use during your campaign. For these elections, there will be no printed publicity (printed flyers and posters) and all campaigning will need to take place online.

    The Online Publicity Form is available to download here.


    Voting Week

    1st March, midday - 4th March, midday

    This is when students will be asked to vote for their preferred candidates. At the start of the week there will be Candidates' Quation time where candidates will be asked to answer students' questions. Then following the close of voting at midday on 4th March, the results will be announced as soon as they can be following the end of the complaints and appeals process. Find out more about how Candidates' Question Time and Results Night will run here.