Reasons to Run in the NUSU FT Officer Elections

1. Make the Newcastle Uni experience even better.

This is your chance: What would you do for Newcastle students? Past student officers have brought you 24 hour opening of the library, reduced rents in halls, trebling of printer credits and this year, they have been working on ensuring adequate faith space for students, a week off after exams and reduced price food in the library.

2. Kick Start Your Career

Start your Career at the top of the tree, not the bottom. Not many graduates can say they are the Director of an organisation with a £4 million turnover within a year of graduating. Our officers often go on to fantastic careers and many organisations actively seek out SU officers for recruitment.

Ex sabbatical officers are now employed in many roles including Deputy News Editor at ITV News, Co Producer at Sky Sports and Partnerships Manager for Teach First. To see what others are up to, see What officers go on to do

3. Lead a unique and successful organisation

NUSU is ranked 12th nationally of all student unions. We have a £3.5 million turnover, over 120 staff and over 5,000 volunteers. You will learn and lead on all student experience from the world of advice to elections, to event management to gross profit % in Luthers.

4. You could experience the most challenging, fun and rewarding year of your life.

Every day and role is different - what starts with some intense teambuilding and training, then leads head on into Freshers’ Week, in between editing a weekly newspaper, issuing grants, organising Stan Calvert competitions and emerging the other end at the Grad Ball.

5. You could secure yourself a full time graduate job earning over £18,500 per year and get to stay another year at Newcastle