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Raff Marioni


Hey, I’m Raff Marioni and I’m proud to be your Students’ Union President for the 2018/19 academic year. My role is all about representing the student voice to the University, community and media; with the ultimate goal of ensuring your interests and needs are always taken into account.

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Jonny Hall

Education Officer

Hey, I’m Jonny your Education Officer for 2018-2019. Essentially, I’m the main academic representative for students to improve your learning experience!

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Jack Green

Welfare and Equality Officer

Hello! I’m Jack Green, your Welfare and Equality Sabbatical Officer for 2018/2019, lobbying for equality, diversity and inclusivity as well as health and wellbeing.


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Sophie McDermott

Activities Officer

Hi, I’m Sophie McDermott and I am your Activities Officer for 2018-19. I look after all things societies at the Students’ Union. If you’re looking for ways to meet new people, enhance your CV or just have fun, societies and volunteering are great ways to start. We have a range of opportunities on offer, such music, theatre and dance societies, political, religious and cultural societies and many charity and fundraising societies. I think it’s almost impossible to not find a society that suits you at Newcastle, but if you can’t, set up your own.

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Maggie Elstob

Athletic Union Officer

Hello, I’m Maggie and I am the Athletic Union Officer for the 2018/19 academic year. I am really looking forward to working with all the clubs over the next year and having another successful season for the AU. We have 78 teams competing for the university in BUCS, with many other individuals and teams competing locally and nationally. We currently sit 10th in BUCS and that is a position we are keen to retain in the coming year. 

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Louise Hall

Editor of the Courier

I’m Louise, the Editor of Newcastle’s independent student newspaper: the Courier, for 2018/19. My role entails managing a pool of writers and team of editors in producing our weekly 40-page newspaper and our website: I also oversee the other branches of student media at the union: Newcastle Student Radio (NSR) and Newcastle University TV (NUTV). Anyone who is a student at Newcastle University can write for the Courier. 

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Adam Warner

Chair of Council

Hello there. I’m Adam, Chair of Council for 2018/19. I’ll be chairing NUSU Student Council meetings and managing a number of exciting debates. I will also be promoting NUSU, specifically focusing on advertising Student Council in order to encourage greater student engagement by making council more open and accessible to everyone.

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Pablo Charro De La Fuente

International Officer

Hi, my name is Pablo, and I will be your International Students Officer for 2018/19. In my role I will ensure all international students feel equally and fairly represented. My main goal will be to protect International Students from any changes in the University procedures that can affect particularly this group, and to promote multiculturalism and diversity.

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Charlotte Boulton

Marginalised Genders Officer

I'm Charlotte, and as Marginalised Genders Officer it’s my priority to represent the views and needs of students identifying as a marginalised gender. This means I campaign for and support women, non-binary, transgender and any other gender-nonconforming students. I want to push for progress for issues including sexual violence and safe spaces.


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Haaris Qureshi

Disability Officer

Hi, I’m Haaris and I am your Disability Officer 2018/9. I will be representing the needs of students with physical disabilities, neurodiverse conditions and mental illness. In addition to my Part-time Officer position, I am also the President of DaNSoc and the Conference Leader for Mind the Gap.


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Lauren Sykes

LGBT+ Officer

Hi, I'm Lauren I'm a 3rd year film and media student and I'll be your LGBT+ officer this year. It's my job to represent the LGBT+ students of Newcastle. I aim to make sure everyone is represented and listen to the voices of LGBT+ students

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Christopher Wilkinson

Racial Equality Officer

Hello! My name is Christopher Wilkinson; I am a 3rd year Classics Student, and am your Racial Equality Officer for 2018/19. My role is to celebrate the amazing diversity of our campus, to help promote anti-racism, and to represent the many BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) students throughout the University.


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Jamie Cameron

Chair of Scrutiny

Hi, I'm Jamie, a politics undergrad and your Scrutiny Officer. This role is all about keeping your students union running smoothly. I chair committees where we scrutinise the student council’s minutes, and make sure NUSU’s disciplinary procedure is followed.

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Grace Algar

Faith and Belief Officer

In my role as PTO I will provide for the needs of students of faith across campus. Particularly I will aim to focus on university transparency, increase resources for students of faith, and listen to and implement feedback from students of faith and faith societies in meaningful lasting ways.

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Emily Manson

Parents, Guardians and Carers Officer

Hello, I'm Emily, a Speech and Language undergraduate also mother to a 5 year-old daughter. I intend to raise the profile of a group of students who due to their home commitments, are an invisible part of the university population and tend to miss out the student experience. I will also raise awareness of the help and services the university can offer student parents, guardians and carers.