Sabbatical Officers.

Academic Reps stand up for your academic interests and create positive changes to your student experience. Through a network of School & Course Reps, overseen by our Education Officer, we listen to students & help make impactful change. Every year, students can apply for these roles, and once elected into the role, will serve as your leading representatives for you to contact about any academic issues you feel students.

Liberation Officers & Chairs.

Alongside your full-time Sabbatical Officer team, we also elect in our voluntary Liberation Officer & Chair roles every year to represent students.

BAME Officer

Chair of Council

Chair of Scrutiny

Disability Officer

Faith or Belief Officer

LGBT+ Officer

Marginalised Genders Officer

International Students Officer

Parents, Guardians & Carers Officer

Latest News.

Find out what your Officer team have been up to this year, & collaborated on.

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