Activities Officer


Hannah Finney

Hannah Finney was elected in as Activities Officer of the Students' Union by students at the Student Elections in March 2020. Hannah will be succeeded in June 2021 by Haris Nadeem Basheer.

About the Role

The Activities Officer leads the training and support for our Societies and alongside the AU Officer, has a shared responsibility over student activities at the Students' Union. In recent years, the role has included the organizing of high profile events here at the Students' Union such as Freshers' Fair, Grad Ball, Summer Jam, NUSU's Festival of Culture as well as helping with the Societies Awards/Pride of Newcastle.

About Me & My Aims

"I did my undergraduate degree in History and Archaeology here at Newcastle, then went on to do a master's in International Relations. Whilst at university, I was heavily involved in societies, most notably in RAG (Raising and Giving), where I was Publicity Officer then Secretary. Last summer, I had the position of Freshers' Week Organiser and organised Freshers' 19. I ran for Activities as I am incredibly passionate about making the most of being at university, and hope to encourage students to take part in as many extra-curricular activities as possible!"

Offer First Aid Training for Welfare Officers. I think this is incredibly important to ensure the safety of society members.
Encourage collaborations between societies. I think this will offer a good opportunity for students to meet people from different walks of life and different interests.
Improve promotional opportunities for societies at Newcastle, I think this will be very important this year, due to starting this academic year in such unprecedented times