Eleanor Killner

Activities Officer


About me

I’m your new Activities Officer and my role involves organising and supervising all the societies and activities as well as volunteering within the Student Union. Want to get involved in something you already love, or find a new hobby you didn’t even know existed? Then joining a society is something you should do! There are so many different things available and I’m here to help you find what you love.


I thoroughly enjoyed my three years and university and found being Secretary of the History Society really rewarding. University isn’t all about the academics, so I wanted to run for Activities Officer and provide you all with great extra-curricular opportunities, which add to your overall university experience. I personally love music, photography and the arts but am looking forward to getting to know all the societies and what they have to offer all of you.


Optimistic, creative and passionate.


My objectives

Go on, Volunteer: Go Volunteer is a fantastic programme we have here at the Union, and I want to encourage more people to join. All of you in societies have great skills and many exciting opportunities to offer so why not widen your scope to the outside community. I want to be the point of contact and provide societies with the chance to reach outside the university.


Your Future Matters: For some people, a society is more than a hobby, it could be their future. I want to help societies create a stronger link with the outside world, to help you guys post uni. Networking with different people who are used to the working environment can be very daunting on your own, especially if what you want to do isn’t necessarily your university degree. By working with the careers department, I want to provide a link between societies and the vast number of alumni we have here at the university to make it less scary for everyone involved!